A Word About Janet

A Word about Janet

“Stunned. That was the sensation I felt years ago as I enrolled in my first Bible study class under Janet Pope when I was told that she had MEMORIZED entire books of the Bible, including Revelation, the book the class was to study. (By the way, the current count stands at 15 books and many other passages, totaling more than 130 chapters of Scripture!) ‘Was this humanly possible?’ I wondered. And if it was, I decided that Janet must be some sort of biblical prodigy who studied for hours on end and was completely out of touchwith reality.

To my great relief I discovered that Janet is a normal, fun, and completely relatable person. Raised in a secular home and knowing the allure of the world, Janet understands the obstacles women face when culture and faith collide. I believe so strongly in Janet’s ministry that, at my invitation, she has spoken every year since 2007 at a retreat that I host for a small group of women in my Colorado home. From Janet’s teaching I have grown personally beyond measure, and I would recommend her to any group that wants relevant Bible teaching from a woman who causes light bulbs to turn on in our heads!”

Richie Malone — friend, former student, board member


Janet's Family

Janet’s Family

-Born 1955 in Toronto, Canada
-Raised in Toronto (1955-1966) and Orlando, FL (1966-1977)
-University of Florida, 1977
-Dallas Theological Seminary, Masters in Theology, 2011
-Married to Ethan Pope since 1982
-Residence: Dallas TX
-Two adult children, three grandchildren
-Member of Watermark Community Church, Dallas, TX

Ministry History
-Campus Crusade for Christ, full-time Staff, 1978 – 1988
-Precept Bible Study teacher, 1992 – 2005
-Foundations for Living, speaking ministry, 1999 – present

Author, Speaker, Blogger & Radio Guest
-Author of HIS WORD IN MY HEART, Moody Publishers, 2002
HIS WORD IN MY HEART, revised, Moody Publishers, 2013
Translated into Korean, Kyujang Publishing Company, Seoul, Korea, 2009
-Event speaker in over 150 ministry venues, in 27 states and internationally.
-Radio guest on over 40 programs.

Fun Facts
Favorite movie: Sense & Sensibility
Favorite indulgence: Sprinkles mocha cupcakes
Usual order at Starbucks: grande soy latte
Favorite Leisure Activities:
-watching NFL football. I cheer for Dallas Cowboys & Miami Dolphins
-girlfriend lunches
-playing with my granddaughters (born 2010 & 2012 and 2014)
Activities avoided when possible: cooking, cleaning, gardening. No domestic diva here!
Unfulfilled Dream vacation: Snowy mountain cabin, a roaring fire, all family present, baking pies, and coffee on the brew.
Favorite books besides the bible:
-Let the Nations be Glad – John Piper
-The Pursuit of God – A.W. Tozer
-Pure Gold – David McCasland
Influential Women: I meet with 3 small groups of women every month that provide bedrock support and challenge:
Left2write – writers group
BMWs (bible memory women) – scripture memory group
Community group – church
Something most people wouldn’t know:
“I know I look wimpy but I do 28 pushups every day.”

7th Annual Colorado Bible Girls Retreat - Feb 2013

7th Annual Colorado Bible Girls Retreat – Feb 2013