Word Warriors


Five years ago, a group of four women started a Scripture memory group in West Chester, PA. Today they have a core group of fifteen (14 women + 1 man). They meet once a month for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

They call themselves the Word Warriors.

During that time they tell what God is teaching them through their memory work, discuss various methods of memorizing and reviewing, share suggestions from what has helped them, and then they recite. Sometimes they recite as a group, and other times they break into groups of 2 or 3 so that each one has an opportunity to recite what they’ve been working on. No one is ever put on the spot to recite; it’s always optional.

•Find one or two other people committed to memorizing books and passages.
•Begin to meet regularly weekly or monthly.
•Take turns reciting what you’ve chosen to memorize.
•Over time tell others about the group and ask them to join you.

One idea is to invite over a few friends who love God’s Word and recite a passage for them that you’ve memorized. Tell how memorizing has affected you and ask if anyone would like to join you in a small group.

For your initial group meetings you can use HIS WORD IN MY HEART (2013), as a week-by-week guide. You’ll find an 8-week small group study guide in the appendix.

With a new group, all of you may want to memorize the same thing initially. After that, it’s a good idea to let each person choose what they want to memorize, and let them go at their own pace.

Make reciting and sharing the primary emphasis of the group. Take turns saying out loud the verses you’ve been working on. It may feel awkward at first—in fact it probably will—but after a few times you’ll see the incredible fruit that comes from being vulnerable. It doesn’t matter if you have sweaty palms, or if you need to close your eyes or stare at the wall while reciting. It gets easier and more natural with time.

Share how memorizing God’s Word is changing you on the inside, and how you’re desiring and struggling to apply the passage.

I’d love for those who are in groups to share any insights from their group experience.

15 comments to Word Warriors

  • Thanks for sharing PA group. Wow, five years of memorizing and meeting together! Our Ohio group just started meeting weekly using Janet’s book, and 8 week study guide. After just 3 weeks we feel the excitement of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives drawing us closer to God by memorizing His Word.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

    • How exciting to hear about a group in Ohio. Yay, this thrills me to see what God is doing. If there are other groups out there please tell us about it.

  • Chris Gray

    Love it! Thanks for sharing PA Word Warriors! I just joined a verse memory group in Dallas a few months ago and am encouraged in hearing God’s Word and growing closer to The Lord as we hide more of His Word in our hearts. Love hearing about the Ohio verse memory group too, my hometown is Canton, Ohio and all my immediate family remains in the area.

  • Ginger

    I’ve been a part of this group for less than two years but oh what a blessing! To have a group with like-minded goals is such an encouragement! God has changed my life through these Word Warriors! Thank you Janet for sharing our group on your blog!

  • Paulette

    I am also part of a memory group which meets monthly in Edgewood nm.I love it. IT has been a source of great encouragement to me. Our group is a family type group.I love seeing teens and children recite the word of God. As well as adults I praise God for our group,and pray for the members of our group.

  • Mickey

    I Like the Name Word Warriors, it is great to hear about these groups that are dedicating themselves to internalizing God’s word. Our group is The Living Word Initiative, we are located in Edgewood NM, and have been meeting for about 3 years.We meet on the third Saturday of every month we start with a potluck, and then we have a short devotional and then everyone is encouraged to quote whatever passage they have been working on. We are a Family group ages ranging from 4 years old to 60+. The 4 year old is working on Psalm 23. Here is a link to our introduction video http://coglivingwordinitiative.blogspot.com/2013/05/introduction-videos.html?spref=fb

    • I watched the video and WOW, I loved the message and the messenger. May the Lord increase the numbers one-hundredfold. And may we live worthy of carrying God’s Word within us!

  • Cathy Blair

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this, our Word Warriors group! Thank you Janet for bringing the discipline and desire of memorizing God’s word to the public through writing your story about how this practice has changed and shaped your life. Now, look at the trickle effect that God has worked in… how so many have also begun the journey of “transforming their minds” in this incredible way. I have found growth by no other spiritual discipline as I have by this process of trading my thoughts for God’s thoughts. The more I memorize God’s word, the more I realize how desperate I need him and his word within my heart… my flesh depravity becomes exposed and only the truth of who God is, not who I am, brings me hope and healing.

    • My heart overflows with joy to think that God could use me to inspire others. I too am a desperate thirsty soul who has found the water of life. And I just want to tell everyone. Yes, hope and healing is found in God’s Word.

  • Cathy Blair

    I just watched your video, Mickey and how inspiring it was to see! Thank you for posting it and sharing with us your church vision and practice. And that it is family based, with children and parents memorizing side by side… pure joy.. you gotta know that the angels sing over your gatherings!!

  • Tony

    A few months ago, my wife and I went to a wedding which was held immediately following the church service. During the service itself, it was impossible not to notice that the congregation was filled with “special needs” people from all over the world. I was so touched by the love that was shared between the “special needs” and what the rest of the world would consider “normal”.
    Although this comment has little to do with “Word Warriors” the title of the group made me think of the situation.
    I would have to suggest that these often forgotten and frequently unloved people are in a group that I would call “Kingdom Warriors”. The ones the world considers: weak, unintelligent, unimportant
    1 Corinthians 1:26-30. Those that may have physical or perhaps mental disabilities. What the world often misses is the FACT that these people are often the ones who bring so many much closer to God.

  • Laurel

    I have been part of this group from the beginning – I have had my ups and my downs but I keep going because even when I am having trouble memorizing these ladies (and one man) inspire me to try and keep trying! I look forward to the accountability and I have formed some lasting deep friendships with many of these women because we are like-minded and Christ is at the center of our friendship and our times together! I am so thankful to Janet for starting us on our way those years ago and also for encouraging us to start a group – this has been wonderful and inspiring!

  • Richie Malone

    So great to hear about my friends, sue and Cathy, and their word warrior group! Love your dedication and bonds of friendship formed while in pursuit of a common goal. And awesome to hear about the Ohio group which is off to a wonderful start. I watched the video on the NM group and that initiative is SO inspiring! Way to go! Don’t you know God is getting a kick out of the fact that we are discovering these pockets of fellow lovers and memorizers of his word?!

  • Holly

    Thank you so much for this How-To post. I was hoping you would write one. 🙂 I think what is harder than the actual memorizing is finding people who are interested in doing it. I hope to find some locals someday and be a part of a group. I have faith that it will happen in the right time. In the meantime, I am loving doing it by myself.

    • Glad you jumped right in Holly. If you ever have a question or a suggestion for topics just write it on any comment and we will get to it. That’s why we’re here. Welcome! You are among like-minded souls.