10 Reasons Why Memorizers Keep Memorizing

Today is a twist on the recycled topic, Why Memorize Scripture. There are a million reasons why we should memorize Scripture. But that’s not our theme today.

Recently at my Scripture memory group, I asked the women (some who have been memorizing entire books of the Bible for over ten years), “Why do you keep memorizing? With the effort and time it takes to memorize consistently, there must be significant reasons why you continue, why this practice has not gotten squeezed out of your busy life.”

Here are their answers, summarized and condensed into ten.

• Greater insight into God gives me greater joy in knowing him.

• He speaks to me through his Word.

• It changes my rebellious heart.

• I want to know and love God more. I can’t get there on my own.

• It is the deepest kind of encouragement.

• With my ADD it gives me something to focus on.

• I love spending this time with God. Saying his Word out loud, back to him, is worship.

• There are storms ahead and I want to be ready.

• It gives me a well to draw from—for myself and others.

• There’s something transforming when I hear God’s Word flowing out of my own mouth.

• It instills and strengthens hope.

• It gives me his unchanging standard in this fluctuating world.

• I want to be shaped by godly wisdom.

• I want God’s thoughts to be my thoughts. I need right thinking in order to have right behavior.

• I need better words than my own to help this hurting world.

Did you notice I gave you 15 reasons, not 10? I couldn’t decide which to cut.

I was surprised, but I should not have been, that many of their answers were Scriptures:
• “The word of God is living and active …
• “All Scripture is … useful for teaching, rebuking … training in righteousness
• “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word…
• ………….

I realized as I was writing them down, that the reason they quoted scriptures is because the truth of those verses is now so REAL to them, that it has become their own reason to keep memorizing. So I guess that is a reason in itself—we keep memorizing so that God’s truth will become our truth.

The women also shared comments like: “There’s so much joy in it, I can’t imagine ever quitting.” “I never want to go back to where I was before.” “I can never get enough.”

Let’s keep this thread going. Please tell us why YOU keep memorizing. It can be the same reasons or different ones. We will all be encouraged.

9 comments to 10 Reasons Why Memorizers Keep Memorizing

  • Christina “Chris” Gray

    God’s Word in my heart gives me a foundation to firmly stand on with great confidence that will withstand any test or overcome any temptation or lies that may come from my thoughts or someone else’s words or actions. God’s Word is the perfect balm, the perfect advice/counsel for me and others – and God’s Word are the perfect words to Praise our Lord God Almighty with – He alone is worthy! These are some of the reasons I have memorized God’s Word. Thanks Janet for encouraging us all to hide God’s Word in our heart for a closer walk with Him!

    • Hi Chris, such great reasons to memorize. And I love the part, “perfect words to praise our Lord with.” Yes, his own words become our words to praise him with.

  • Lise Anderson

    Focusing on God’s word instead of the world and its troubles gives me peace in Him. When things are good or when they are bad, the verses I have memorized pop into my mind and let me apply God’s word to my daily life events. I pray that God will continue to give me the desire to study and memorize Scripture so that I can know Him better.

  • Chérie

    I see some of my reasons in the list.
    This June will mark my 10th year of Mega-memorizing and these 10 years have been exceptionally rough. A health crisis, a prodigal son, another son with serious issues stemming from his Birth-moms poor choices during pregnancy, a devastating job loss, (I could go on?) and yet at the very center of the core of my soul there is an amazing plethora of scripture I have engrafted into my brain, that encourages me,
    and reminds me of who God is —and the throne He is on.
    Choosing to discontinue Memorizing is simply not an option and I pray that as I age, I will be able to continue until I see Him face to face.
    Thank you Janet for being such an inspiration to us.

    • Oh Cherie, You heartfelt words give us one of top reasons we memorize. Life is hard. And some days it is even harder. In our lowest moments we always have a place to run to. When life disappoints me time and again, I run to God’s Word, and he is there. Press on dear sister. We are in the fight with you. Thank you for being so raw and letting us see where your hope is.

  • Ruth

    I learn so much more from Scripture by memorizing (and studying) it than from just reading or studying it alone, and it makes me love it more and more. It feels more personal to me after I memorize it. I also don’t want to be led astray by false teaching, and the more I know Scripture the more I can recognize error. I want to know the truth, and I want to know God. I have been memorizing passages since 2007, and I can’t imagine stopping. I have so many more books and passages I want to memorize and study. It is a joy!

    • Love hearing all those reasons Ruth. I think we all feel the same way. I wish I had started memorizing a lot earlier. I started at 35 years old but wish I’d started much sooner.

  • Linda

    Tuesday, May 28, 2019
    Dear Janet and Friends,
    Just as I would die if I stopped breathing physically, I can say that if I stopped memorizing Scripture, I would be in serious trouble spiritually. The Bible gives me life, strength, stamina and balance physically, and clearness of mind mentally. The Bible is SO POWERFUL!! I am trusting The Lord Jesus to finish the The Gospel of John by September 2019. Blessings.

    • Linda, I hear your passion for God’s Word. It truly is powerful. And I love the part you said “clearness of mind”. The world sends a different message and memorizing helps to clear the fog. So happy for you in your adventure of walking with Jesus through the gospel of John. So rich and so deep. Keep going girl. Thanks for sharing.