Message from Janet

Living in this multiple-choice culture both excites and unnerves me. Decorating tips at the touch of my remote, nail polish in every shade of Wow, and Pinterest. Never a stale moment. Endless options and ideas energize this generation of women and fill our tanks. The I.T. explosion has revved up the pace and given us a fingertip source for everything.

Meanwhile, the book once revered as “sharper than a double-edged sword” has lost its luster, even among believers. For some, the Bible is as obsolete as the phone booth. Suspicion abounds that God still speaks in modern times. The doubt makes sense to me. We hear on Sundays that the key to Christian living is abiding in Christ, but we don’t hear that word in normal conversations.

Many read their Bibles and listen at church, but don’t know how that translates into dealing with the muck in their lives. They can’t find a specific verse for teenagers breaking curfew, bosses gone berserk, and Trend watchers tell us that today’s Christian women lack the skills to process the world around them through a biblical grid, because that requires a working knowledge of the Scriptures, and neither time nor appetite exists for that. A vicious cycle.

This is how I see my mission – bring God’s Word into the express-lane culture and help women think through the issues they face today: tension in relationships, destructive habits, overwhelming obligations, and the guilt-regret syndrome that plagues us all. More than giving them click-here solutions, I want to help women think biblically in today’s culture, because we can’t live biblically until we think biblically.

As a fellow struggler on this planet, I believe we must engage our world with the truth of God’s Word and guard against being swept away by the next new thing. The Bible, our greatest source of wisdom, never goes out of style, even though we’re now reading it on Kindle.