My Thoughts Via Radio

Something a little different today. I’m linking you to a 5-part interview that I did with Haven Today radio. It’s being aired this week, April 13-17, 2015. Each program is 25 minutes. One disclaimer—I am not the one singing! I will be sharing my thoughts and my heart regarding Scripture memory.

Access to each day’s broadcast will be here:

Or you can tune in each day at

I’d love your feedback and your questions.


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  • warren culwell


  • Linda

    April 14, 2015
    Hullo Janet!
    Well Done!!
    Your Short Radio Presentation For Haven Today was just the encouragement I needed today!
    I just need to figure out how I can put it on my Facebook page.
    I want to invite everyone on our blog here to pray for me. I have a goal to finish The Gospel of John before my birthday on August 5.
    I memorize from The 1984 NIV UK edition.
    Thanks SO MUCH!!

    • Hi Linda, The gospel of JOHN?????? Wow you are definitely a mega-memorizer. No help from me on Facebook. I have others who help me with anything complicated.

      • Linda

        Hullo Janet,
        I was able to go to your Facebook page and share the video from your Facebook page to mine.
        Problem Solved.

  • Janet,

    This is succinct and so clear. These three points will be easy to use in explaining this to others!


  • Richie

    The video is so genuine and very well presented. You did an excellent job of concisely laying out the 3 main benefits of memorizing scripture. And I just listened to day 1 of your radio program with Haven Today. Terrific! I think you and your book have inspired the host of the show to get going!

    • thank you so much Richie! They gave me no advance warning on the video, so I was thinking as I was speaking. Thankfully I had a few thoughts, but I possibly would have said it differently if they’d let me prepare ahead of time. Oh well.

  • Vickie McKnight

    I loved this Janet!! I will be showing this at the Bible study this Sunday night! Loved the three points you shared!!

  • Janet, excellent video, every point you presented rings with truth with my experience in memorizing scripture. Just finished memorizing Sermon on the Mount and if I ever wonder “what would Jesus do?” In any situation, He brings my mind to that passage. Those three chapters address so many issues! To know that passage certainly helps me to know Him better! I appreciated how you said in the program that passages are important. At first I thought I would need to know each chapter and verse reference, but that truly doesn’t matter when you know which passage it is. I’ve never forgotten the group of verses in which contains a certain verse, it’s all in the “package” that makes up the truth He is presenting to us and memorizing them together keeps it all in context. Thank you so much for representing memorizers in such a gracious way. We do just want to know Him better and the more we know Him, the more we want to know Him, and the more we love Him.