Proverbs: The Way of the Wicked

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guest blogger, Tammy Fabian

There are countless riches and treasures from having the Word of God in your heart. The greatest treasure, I have found thus far, is the peace that rules in our hearts. When we have His Word in our heart & apply it to our every day, we have indescribable peace. I recently experienced this peace, in a way I have never known before.

After catching the northbound subway from Monastiraki in Athens Greece, a man cleverly wedged himself between my friend and me. Then quickly another man wedged himself between them. As I watched the behavior of these two men, I noticed two more taking up positions around me. Four men surrounded me with a substantial distance between my friend and me.

When the elbow of the first man began to touch my body, I adjusted my stance slightly as to have released his touch. When he proceeded to touch me again, it confirmed that something was not right. So like a running back in football, I ducked and swerved to another side of the train. Now I was the one creating a considerable distance from them.

During my escape, the first man started shouting in Greek and pointing his finger at me. When I was at a safe distance my gaze met his and without understanding what he had said, I replied in a firm voice, “I want to stand near my friend.” Whether it was my words or actions, all four men faced the door as if wallowing in shame and ran when it opened seconds later.

Unlike times in the past, my heart rate did not increase during this incident, neither did my adrenaline spike. However, I was overwhelmed with the peace of God’s Word. Weeks before I had begun applying the Book of Proverbs to my heart; and as a result, I began to perceive the ‘way of the wicked’. It was through this understanding, brought about by His Word, that I saw the danger that was awaiting and found a means of escape.

Proverbs is a guideline for living and not necessarily promises of God. Though through this experience, four verses gained new insight for me, all of which I had meditated on just a week before.

• Proverbs 11:8 “The righteous man is rescued from trouble, and it comes on the wicked instead.”

• Proverbs 11:9b “…but through knowledge the righteous escape.”

• Proverbs 12:13 “An evil man is trapped by his sinful talk, but a righteous man escapes trouble.”

• Proverbs 12:21 “No harm befalls the righteous, but the wicked have their fill of trouble.”

13 comments to Proverbs: The Way of the Wicked

  • Richie

    Those verses played themselves out right before you in that incident. Aren’t you glad you had those particular words at the ready? Great example. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dear Tammy and Janet, Thank you for this post. I was so excited to read it. I agree so much that having scripture in your heart helps to discern situations we find ourselves in and leads us to act as God wills. My granddaughter and I are memorizing Proverbs chapter 3 together and the first 2 verses resonate with the benefits of memorizing His law and commandments, keeping them in our hearts, and experiencing “length of days, long life and peace.”

    • How wonderful Vickie that you are memorizing with your granddaughter! That is so precious. I purposely memorized Proverbs 1-9 while my son was in high school in hopes that he would hear the words when I recited them. Hope you have a beautiful day. Smiles, Tammy

  • Powerful illustration, Tammy! Thanks for sharing

  • Carmen Cole

    Incredible story, so glad you were filled with the Lord so you recognized it and knew what to do. Good reminder for us all.

  • Barry Leslie

    Thank you Tammy for sharing how God’s words are alive and active, sharper than a sword, capable of piercing the soul. I suspect there was unseen spiritual warfare taking place. Our God reigns.

  • Kelli

    Tammy, what a powerful illustration you shared. I have been feeling led to read through Proverbs recently, and do so with my daughter. Your post will be a great supplement to that. Thank you for sharing this and showing how God’s word guided you through this scenario.

    • Thank you Kelli for commenting on the post. And so encourage to hear that you may be reading through Proverbs with your daughter. What a blessing that will be. Love you, Tammy

  • Vickie McKnight

    That is awesome Janet! Praise God!! I am Memorizing and meditating Proverbs 15 right now. Love it!!