Radio Interview on Revive Our Hearts


Happy New Year to all of you in our wonderful community of memorizers.

I wanted to let you know that I will be a guest on Revive Our Hearts Radio with Nancy Leigh DeMoss on January 5-7, 2015.

This is actually a rerun of a broadcast I did with her five years ago and this is the third time they have played the interview.

Nancy is a huge proponent of memorizing God’s Word.

Here is a link where you can stream, download or read a transcript

13 comments to Radio Interview on Revive Our Hearts

  • Richie

    This is an incredible interview which has already touched and inspired so many people! I can’t wait to hear it again.

  • Sue Bond

    The original airing in 2010 is the one I heard that changed my heart so much and brought me along on this incredible journey of getting God’s word in my heart and mind,
    Thank you, Janet!! Thank you so very much!!

    • That is such a joy to hear. We never know how God will use us, but its an awesome privilege! Keep pressing on Sue, there’s more in the journey.

  • Frances Wright

    I’m still listening to the close of tonight’s Revive Our Hearts and like some of the earlier women have mentioned, I, too, heard the first airing of this discussion years ago. Like then, my spirit is so touched and encouraged! I was able to recite Psalm 1 along with you tonight and several parts of Ephesians as well! Thank you for sharing with us all how we can redeem the day! That was the most impactful thing my spirit received tonight- that by bringing our Father’s word into the mundane tasks when our hands are busy but our minds are free we are literally redeeming the moments back unto His glory!

    Though she doesn’t know it specifically, Nancy and her program have been like my closest friend in the late evening as I sit in my kitchen to listen. Many tears of conviction, encouragement and inexpressible joy have come from almost six years of listening to Revive Our Hearts and then subsequently sharing with others the deep yet loving truths that my ears and spirit have been blessed to hear!

    And Janet, I suppose I missed it the first time the program aired, but you at least at one time lived in Hattiesburg, MS. I’m in Jones County, your neighbor, and that one little extra bit of information that I caught tonight was like a personal nod from the Father!
    I hope to one day have a far greater amount of His Word hidden in my heart, too!

    May He continue to bless us as we seem Him!

    Frances Wright

    • Hi Frances, I lived in Hattiesburg for 16 years and I moved back to Dallas after my son went off to college. So glad that ROH has been an encouragement to you.

  • Frances Wright

    *seek Him

  • steve

    Thanks for walking with Christ and living your life unto him. I love your line in the interview “So why have I been so successful at memorizing Scripture? It’s because I have a higher goal than just to memorize the Bible. That’s not my goal. My goal is to know God and to walk closely with Him.” If you will, you’re living your praise unto Him.

    Also, thanks to each of you who contribute with comments. You all are like geese heading south in the fall flying in the “V” formation honking encouragement to each other.

    Thank you

    • Thank you Steve. As you know, its not about memorizing, its about communing with God and getting to know Him. And the payoff is HUGE. That’s why I keep going because knowing and loving the Lord is my reward. And yes, I love those geese flying south —great analogy, I’ll keep it.

  • Catherine

    It was life changing listening to the two days series of your interview with Nancy. I ordered your book ” His Word in My Heart,” which I received yesterday. I had purposed that this year I want to grow in God’s word; listening to the interview on ROH, I felt drawn to know God’s word not just by studying but also by memorizing.

    • Catherine, I’m so thrilled to hear that. I hope you will also tune in to our online community. We offer a lot of encouragement to those who memorize. Let’s grow together to know and love God more in 2015.

      • Catherine

        Thanks Janet. I did not find a scripture memory group in my area; MA. And yes, I need encouragement alongside as I memorize the scriptures. I reviewed your latest blogs and they were such a blessing. Perfect timing for the ROH to broadcast your interview at the beginning of the year. I needed that message.

  • A. Razborsek

    Bless you Janet, what witness for our Saviour you are. I hope you don’t mind me saying I was humbled having read the bible through a number of times myself. It’ nothing in comparison to you verse memorisation. Jack Van Impe has an amazing bible verse recal (14.000 verses) isn’t God’s word wonderful? I haven’t met an unhappy believer, who has loved the Word. I’m looking forward to the day when we all meet one another in Jesus’ home. What a chatty lot we’re going to be discussing our experience with each other and our Lord. Bless you all in Christ. Robert.

    • Well thank you for your kind words. I agree that loving the Word brings great joy into a person’s life. And what fun it will be one day to share with all the others the wonders of God’s story. Blessings back to you Robert.