Realize Every Blessing

With exuberance the Apostle Paul praises the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing (Ephesians chapter 1). He then identifies some of those blessings: we are chosen by God, adopted as sons, redeemed through the blood of Jesus, forgiven of our sins, lavished with God’s grace, insiders to the mystery of his will, sealed with the Holy Spirit, and guaranteed an inheritance.

What happens next always pulls me close to the page and rings my wake-up bell. Paul’s prayers ooze with insight. First, he prays that the recipients of the letter—that’s us—would know God better. Hey, I like that prayer. Then he prays that God would enlighten us to KNOW three things: the hope to which we’ve been called, the riches of our glorious inheritance, and, the incomparably great power available for us who believe.

Notice that Paul is not praying that we will receive these things. He’s praying that we will realize that these blessings already belong to us—a huge difference, my friends.

So why does Paul pray that we’ll know what we already possess? Because we’re forgetful people! We don’t live in light of the spiritual blessings that are ours because we fail to realize the magnitude of what we read in the Word. He keeps reminding us, but somehow we’re not getting it, so now he summons God to intervene and get through to us.

Later in the letter Paul urges us to live worthy of the calling we have received. But how can we live worthy of what we don’t fully comprehend? Exactly.

Let’s allow Paul’s example to strengthen our own prayers for ourselves and for others. Instead of praying, “God help me make it through the day,” pray “God help me to know you better as I go through my day.”

Instead of praying, “God bless Natalie,” pray “God show Natalie the blessings that are already hers because she is in Christ. Help her to realize her spiritual endowment so that she can live in light of it.”

Can you think of a better reason to memorize Scripture than to realize the blessings that already belong to us?

8 comments to Realize Every Blessing

  • Holly Steadman

    This is such an encouraging and uplifting post to be realized. Thank you so much!

  • Richie Malone

    It is so true for me that “we fail to realize the magnitude of what we read in the Word.” Why is that? Colossians tells me that “I have been rescued from the dominion of darkness and brought into the kingdom of the Son God loves in whom I have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” Ho hum…yawn. Why does that not cause me to run through the streets waving and shouting for joy? Why am I disconnected from it? Maybe I feel like it’s too good to be true and it must be meant for someone else and doesn’t apply to me. I am like the father of the demon possessed boy in Mark 9:24 who said in the same sentence, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief.” I read glorious things in the Bible and know they are true, but I long to be connected to it. Thanks for bringing up a subject that I feel is one of my weaknesses.

    • Richie, we’re all weak in this area. That’s one reason scripture memory is so crucial. We need constant reminders. Love those verses in Colossians!

  • Chérie

    Wow. Wow. Wow? I’m fascinated that this post came up today as just yesterday, I was listening to a pastor defending the faith against an atheist, and he was (very successfully) quoting scriptures supporting the truth of Gods Word and the proof of the existence of our Almighty God. 
    So many of the verses were ones I’ve memorized fully. They are done— engrafted, they’re etched in my brain. Yet, when he quoted them in the light of witnessing to an atheist, they were more powerful (and different?) than before. 
    How is this possible?
    And now, (leave it to Janet?) I once again am seeing another new way to think of my verses as I’m reviewing them throughout my day. How I can pray them over someone. 
    Especially pertinent, as a friend of mine from church had a cousin who died of cancer last year. The cousins young son was just in a horrific motorcycle accident, and is now in the hospital where his prognosis isnt good, and he might not live and he doesn’t know the Lord. 
    Ive been praying diligently for him to not only live through this, but to be able to know Christ. This post opens up a whole new world of how I plan to pray for this young man—who I don’t even know, but because I love my friend, I’m very burdened to pray.
    Alrighty then. I’m on a serious mission now, and I’m better equipped, and I’m so grateful for the Word of God that is SO STINKING ALIVE! And how cool is it that Janet keeps teaching us that there is SO MUCH MORE to the amazing God-given passion of memorization. 

  • Chérie

    If you’ve never had a chance to hear or see Pastor JEFF DURBIN from AZ defend the faith, you’re missing out BIGTIME.

  • Vickie

    Janet, so true, Ann Voscamp calls this “soul amnesia” and I suffer from it daily. Meditating on His Word, by saying it outloud, repeating it back to myself and praying it over others is what cures it. And of course, this process needs to be repeated and repeated. Because we forget, and forget. So let’s not pray for what we already have in Christ, lets pray to realize it, thank Him for it and move on. I think Satan likes it when we get stuck in a pattern of not realizing fully what Christ has already done for us because it keeps us from moving further into service and leading others into God’s Kingdom; so let’s be done with this and put His light “on a candlestick so it may give light unto all that are in the house.” Matthew 5:15 – We dont need to ask to be a light, He says we ARE the light! Matthew 5:14

    Cherie, thanks for that link to Jeff Durbin, awesome!

  • Christy

    Love this Janet!!!