Scripture Memory Tools

Tools repair broken things. Tools also build things. Even in memorizing Scripture some basic tools will help us to achieve our desired goal—to keep God’s Word in our hearts and minds throughout the day. Here are some tools to help in the areas of accessibility, habit developing, accountability, and review.

After deciding which passage or book to memorize, put it in a portable form so that it’s accessible to you wherever your day takes you. You can’t haul your Bible around everywhere.
• Print the passage from a Bible website like .
• Another option—handwrite the chapters on a 3 x 5 spiral.
• Get a Bible app for your phone and set it so that your passage comes up in your desired version when you open it. You Version is free. The same app can be used on a tablet.
• For those looking for an app with NIV 1984, 2 apps are available:
For I-Phone:
For android:

• Identify times in your lifestyle when you have tasks that require busyness but not thinking: morning routine, commute time, household chores, yard chores, walking the dog, exercising. Develop habits by pairing Scripture memory with other activities that you do on a regular basis.
• While trying to establish the habit of coming back to your verses throughout your day, try setting a timer/alarm on your phone to signal you every 2 – 3 hours. It will soon become automatic and you won’t need your alarm for long.

• Get a partner. Someone said to me, “I don’t want to tell anyone in case I fail.” I say, “Tell someone who will keep you accountable so that you won’t fail.”
• Join a group or start a group.
• Online community. Subscribe to our community so that you can ask questions, and get encouragement and practical help every week.

Find tools that work for you.
• Audio record yourself reciting your verses. Many phones have this feature on Settings.
• a fun and free website (and app) where you can check your accuracy by typing out your verses.
• Logos Bible Software
• This tool will convert your passage into the first letter of each word, as an aid to recalling the words.

Many more tools exist that I’m unaware of, and new ones are being developed all the time.

Please share with the community any other helpful tools that you know about.

3 comments to Scripture Memory Tools

  • Barbara Tyndall

    I love scripturetyper and use it almost every day. I do print 3×5 cards which I put into a heavy duty recipe sleeve I ordered from the Current catalog that helps keep them from mangled in my cargo pants pocket. I wear cargo pants almost daily since I don’t carry a purse, so my cards are always with me wherever I go. I also put them beside the bed at night (in case there are any sleepless moments) and then the next morning they go with me into the bathroom for memorizing while brushing my teeth.

    It is such an awesome ability that God has given us to be able to actually memorize His word. It is amazing to me and I am totally humbled by it.

  • Paulette

    Another scripture memory tool I enjoy is the fighter verse app it costs $6.00 .well worth the do not have to rely on the internet once you get your veres has quizes to help aid in memorizing. I love the app.JANET thank you for your blog it is a great encouragement.