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Quiz Concept
Evaluate yourself by taking this ten-question quiz. Answer YES or NO.

• Do you struggle to find time for daily intake of God’s Word?

• Do you read a portion of Scripture and then can’t remember what you just read?

• Does your mind wander when you try to meditate on God’s Word?

• Do your thoughts weigh you down because you replay negative thoughts over & over?

• Do you waste a lot of idle moments in your day?

• Does the busyness of life often squeeze out time for studying God’s Word?

• When you minister to others do you know where to take them in the Bible?

• Do you feel distant from God and dry spiritually?

• Does your lack of attention to God’s Word cause guilt in your life?

• Do you wonder if its possible to spend time in God’s Word & maintain a busy schedule?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, memorizing passages of Scripture will benefit you.
If you answered YES to all of the questions, start today.

May I suggest a 21-day experiment? Take Psalm 145.
Day one – start with verse one and review it over an entire day.
Day two – say verses one and two together.
Day three – do verses one, two and three.
Keep adding a verse a day until you finish in 21 days.

The time commitment is minimal.
Most verses take less than 10 seconds to recite. TEN SECONDS!
The entire psalm is less than 2 minutes.

Strangely, the benefit comes not from your progress, but rather from the process.

The process of saying God’s Word out loud, over and over, trading your thoughts for his—this is what keeps you close to God and communing with him throughout your day. A watered soul, nourished hour-by-hour with God’s Word, spills over to every other area in your life.

Will you try this 21-day experiment? Let us know about it, and our community will be here to cheer you on.

I’d love to hear from our community of memorizers, addressing any of the questions in the quiz, or encouragement for those who want to jump into the deep end but are hesitating.

19 comments to Take the Quiz

  • Teresa Roach

    Janet, I’m going to do this 21 day experiment! I love how you break it down and make it sound so attainable.

    • Yea Teresa! You can do this, and what a joy it will be. Psalm 145 will keep your focus upward. Praises to God on your lips and in your heart.

  • Natalie

    I’ll do it too! Psalm 145 here we come!

  • Mary Woodruff

    I am joining with you Natalie! And Hello Teresa – it was so fun to see your name here! I passed this quiz with flying colors 🙁 …

    • Ok I think we’re on to something here. Today is day one. Pick whichever version you like. I’m doing NIV 1984.
      Verse 1: “I will exalt you, my God the king; I will praise your name for ever and ever.”
      Who else out there wants to jump in?

  • April

    I’m doing it!! I’ll be memorizing in NLT. Thank you for putting this challenge out there, I needed this!!

  • Mary Mungai

    I will take the challenge

    • How great is this? Mary, I’m including you in my list and in my prayers. This is going to be a soul-enriching experiment. So glad you’re joining us!
      And, I ask the memorizing community to pray for these who are getting out of their comfort zone to memorize Psalm 145.

  • Tony

    Mee too!! I need a break from everything else. I’m in. Psm 145, your in for it now. Bwahaha!

    • So glad you’re joining us Tony. We’re up to 7 now. And I assume there’s a few who haven’t told us they’re in. We can encourage each other along the way. Just reading through the Psalm tells me it will be a very worshipful experience.

  • Leah

    I have found this to be so very true!!! Thanking God that I heard your program on the radio and was inspired to memorize. I am almost done with my first book… I John. Didn’t have your book when I started. 🙂 Later, A dear friend gave me your book and I have found it quite helpful! Every good and perfect gift comes from above!!

  • Dina

    I am joining today. Found your podcast with revive your heart. Please pray and stand in agreement that I will stay committed, start, continue and finish.

  • Melissa

    I just saw this challenge, as well. Count me in! Thank you, Janet, for your example and inspiration.

  • Catherine

    This is great especially for those of us who do not have a scriputure memory group. I wll print out the Psalms and will work on it once done with Titus, which I am still working on. Glad to see my friend Mary has joined our online community and taken up the 21 day challenge.

  • Debbie

    Saw you yesterday at the “Inspire U” conference you were amazing and inspiring! I would like to try this challenge also!

    • Hi Debbie, So glad you joined us. Start with verse one, and then add a verse each day. It will keep your heart turned to the Lord throughout the day. Welcome!