Tools For Memorizing

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Tools repair broken things. Tools also build things. Even in memorizing Scripture some basic tools will help us to achieve our desired goal—to keep God’s Word in our hearts and minds throughout the day. Since many are taking the plunge in 2014, I offer some tools to help in the areas of accessibility, habit developing, accountability and review.

After deciding which passage or book to memorize, put it in a portable form so that it’s accessible to you wherever your day takes you. You can’t haul your Bible around everywhere.
• Print the passage from a Bible website like .
• Another option—handwrite the chapters on a 3 x 5 spiral.
• Get a Bible app for your phone and set it so that your passage comes up in your desired version when you open it. You Version is free. The same app can be used on a tablet.
• For those looking for an app with NIV 1984, 2 apps are available:
For I-Phone:
For android:

• Identify times in your lifestyle when you have tasks that require busyness but not thinking: morning routine, commute time, household chores, yard chores, walking the dog, exercising. Develop habits by pairing Scripture memory with other activities that you do on a regular basis.
• While trying to establish the habit of coming back to your verses throughout your day, try setting a timer/alarm on your phone to signal you every 2 – 3 hours. It will soon become automatic and you won’t need your alarm for long.

• Get a partner. Someone said to me, “I don’t want to tell anyone in case I fail.” I say, “Tell someone who will keep you accountable so that you will not fail.”
• Join a group or start a group.
• Online community. Subscribe to our community so that you can get encouragement and practical help 3 times a week.

Find tools that work for you.
• Audio record yourself reciting your verses. Many phones have this feature on Settings.
• a fun and free website (and app) where you can check your accuracy by typing out your verses.
• Logos Bible Software

Many more tools exist that I’m unaware of, and new ones are being developed all the time. Please share with the community any other helpful tools that you know about.

9 comments to Tools For Memorizing

  • After hearing you on Moody radio with Chris and Andrea Fabry and Gary Chapman, I felt challenged to start memorizing scripture, mainly to know God better.

    • Hi Linda, Welcome to our community! So glad to hear that the radio interview inspired you to memorize. You will find a lot of practical help and encouragement here. Let us know any questions or comments you have. Have you picked a passage to begin with? I would recommend Psalm 1 or another short psalm just to get you started. Psalm 121 is also a short but meaningful psalm. Let me know which passage you choose and we will be there for you. If you read some of the previous blog posts from last fall, they will also give you extra tangible help. Again welcome!

    • Chérie

      So happy you discovered Janet’s amazing ministry. You will never regret memorizing. Never. I’m excited to hear about your journey so keep us posted and let us know how you are doing, and let us know what chapter you choose so we can cheer for you.

  • Betsy

    Thank you Janet! I have used my Bible app as a memory reference throughout the day. When they deleted NIV 1984- I was so frustrated when checking myself on the app since it didn’t match NIV exactly. I am thrilled to be back on both tracks- my Bible and this NIV 1984 app!

    Looking forward to a great year of hiding God’s word in my heart.

    • Hi Betsy, So glad I could pass along the info on the NIV 1984 app. Someone else told me about it when I was lamenting its disappearance. I too am expecting an incredible year, waiting to see what God has in store.

    • Chérie

      Hi Betsy 🙂
      That was me too. I was so upset when they took the NIV away. I had been using mine for almost 30 years, and memorizing for about 4. Was so happy when I found the app. I’m a busy Mommy! Need all the help I can get.

  • Chérie

    I hope all the memorizing community will refer back to this post frequently. All the suggestions were so helpful. I love the idea of a toolbox. It made me think about my life BC— (Before Children) when I was working as a manicurist. I had so many tools and implements I used on a daily basis, and then there were ones I only used occasionally but wouldn’t have been able to get the job done without that particular tool at that particular moment.
    Recording myself on my iPhone has become a staple in my toolbox as I use it for review. My most important tool is finding a certain cadence for each verse and saying it that same way every single time. Having the audio recording solidifies the chapter for review. An interesting benefit is that you can use this trick when memorizing books by the same author (ex: Paul) as they repeat certain phrases constantly. You can adjust the cadence/ voice inflection of a certain phrase so it is different for each chapter.

  • mickey

    Hey Janet

    Thanks for all the helpful tools for memorizing scripture, one I didn’t see listed is moleskins. Moleskins are a small book 5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ they have about 60 pages but are very thin,they have a very durable cover and can easily be carried in a pocket or purse. You can also print off the scripture verses you are working on and paste them to the pages of the book or if you are old school like me,you can just write them in.You can also put verses on the left page and write notes about what the Holy Spirit has taught you about the verse on the right page. Thank you for this blog Janet it has been a great encouragement as well.

    • thank you Mickey. That is perfect for men especially because it fits in the back pocket, whereas a spiral is too bulky. So glad you mentioned it. Each person needs to find what works for them so that it become THEIR system tailor-made for them.