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Today’s question is:

What are you memorizing right now & what are you learning from it?

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  • I would like to share that during Lent I am memorizing, and meditating hard on Isaiah 53, The Suffering Servant.
    This is drawing me closer to my Lord’s suffering, that He endured for my sins, as I memorize and feel every word.
    Thanks for letting me share.

  • I am memorizing 2 Corinthians and I’m about half way through. I am seeing over and over that hardships are a normal and necessary part of ministry as we spread the fragrance of the knowledge of God.
    -under great pressure far beyond our ability to endure so that we despaired even of life…but this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God who raises the dead.
    -we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. We are hard pressed on every side but not crushed…
    -we live by faith not by sight
    -we commend our ministry in great endurance, in troubles, hardships and distresses
    -this body of ours had no rest but we were harassed at every turn—conflicts on the outside, fears within. But God who comforts the downcast comforted us…
    So many truths to hold on to. Yes we are afflicted but we have the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort.

  • Lise Anderson Brocious

    I am memorizing Luke 10 and listening to the words of Jesus as He teaches. I have learned through the book of Luke that people’s reactions to Jesus include amazement but also consistently include fear. I think of how often I am fearful because God is working or changing something in my life and how, like the people who were there listening to Him, reflects my lack of trust.

  • Patty B

    I am working on 2Peter and trying to blend it together with 1Peter. These precious words remind me that I am also an alien living in this pagan world. But through His death and resurrection I have a glorious hope. He has given specific directions in how to live and rely on Him as the corner stone of my faith. By treasuring these words in my heart, I am praying to have a deeper relationship and love Him more. His love for a sinner like me will take an eternity for me to comprehend.

  • Elizabeth Tamlyn

    I am working to memorize John 14-17; am in Chapter 15 now. I am learning how God values obedience and that it is a measurement of our love for Him! Also that we cannot/should not function away from Him on any level (remain in me, no fruit bearing apart from Him); loving others is serving them; being associated with Christ will mean hardship. It is a beautiful piece of scripture and almost ALL the words of Jesus himself (like Sermon on the Mount which I loved memorizing years ago!).

  • I’m “living in” Ephesians and “the eyes of my heart are being enlightened” to absorb a little more of the immeasurable, incomparable, unsearchable, wealth of God. And he’s our Father!!! If my earthly father had left me an inheritance of a billion dollars (a measured amount), that would have had a profound impact on my earthly security, ability to give, power to bring about change for the kingdom. I am wrapping my brain, heart and soul around the reality that my heavenly Father has immeasurable wealth and he lavished it on me with all wisdom and understanding! I have a family member who is quite wealthy and is lavishing it on her children. It is creating dependency and entitlement in their hearts. But our Father wisely bestows his blessings on us -giving us everything we need to be like him. His riches are undeserved love, mercy, grace, power, freedom from sin; it is limitless. And just like material wealth would give me power to influence systems and others’ circumstances, God’s wealth is even more powerful to do this. But it doesn’t lay in a bank vault, it flows through my heart and and the pin code is FAITH!

  • Melissa neufeld

    I am at john 11:44 today

  • Sue Bond

    I am memorizing Revelation and just finishing up chapter 7. I am learning to love Jesus more and more! Oh Glory!

    I so enjoyed reading through what everyone is memorizing and learning. What a great way to share. 🙂

    • Rebecca

      Sue, I was reading some older blog comments and was just wondering how your recital in front of your church went? Was that Feb 2nd? To recite a large passage in front of a group without first reciting it to a smaller group is COMMENDABLE!! you are one brave lady!! So, how did it go? Rebecca in Oregon

      • Sue Bond

        Dear Rebecca, How sweet you are to inquire. I sent out an e-mail to those I know were praying but never posted here, so thank you for asking.
        It was AMAZING! God is AMAZING! I can’t come up with adequate words to describe how overtaken I felt by the Holy Spirit during the reciting of God’s holy word. After the first 10 or so verses, it just became joy. It was a joy!! I remember thinking to myself as I was reciting that there is no better place I would rather be than standing in front of my church family reciting the words of God Himself. And He allowed me to remember and not to stumble. What a God we serve!
        And our Father answered every single prayer on my behalf and on the behalf of my church. The hearers were so blessed. So blessed! Which was such a gift back to me. There were so many comments afterward. ALL glory to God.
        If anyone else thinks the Lord might be urging them to recite for their church or small group or bible study, please listen and do it. He will use it ALL for good. Really. Do it for Him and He will be glorified.
        Thank you again for asking, Rebecca!

  • Rebecca

    I am reviewing Revelation 5 and Psalm 16…..OH, the MAJESTY of Revelation: the Lamb who was slain for us, the worship of thousands of thousands of angels and all creation “in heaven and on earth and under the earth,” GLORY!!

  • Oh ladies who are memorizing Revelation, it sounds wonderful! It just keeps moving its way up my ‘to memorize’ list!

    I am working in the Psalms (Psalm 11 currently) and am slowly making inroads on Ephesians 2 after being blown away by Ephesians 1 late last year (wowsers!)

    Memorizing the Psalms (I have around 24 Psalms committed to heart so far) has provided me with a surprising fringe benefit that I never really expected. The great sermons of Acts quote from this book liberally (as do other epistles and gospels) and I’m surprised at how much internal cross-referencing my brain is starting to do between the Psalms and my other readings. I’m seeing the Psalms EVERYWHERE, scripture is so inter-linked.

    They also provide me with ready prayer material when I’m feeling tapped out/stressed etc. I particularly enjoy Psalm 121 for this purpose.

  • Joy S

    I am in 1 John chapter 2 right now. I also finished the Sermon on the Mount about a month ago. I am amazed at how the two go together, and it is so big, big, BIG! At the end of the Sermon on the Mount I was studying on how important it is to do the Word of God — not just hear it, not just learn and memorize, but to do it. That is the wise man who built his house on the rock. The whole Sermon on the Mount is about the contrast between the wise man doing God’s word above and beyond what the religious crowd expects; and the foolish man only hearing but not doing, and therefore being a hypocrite and/or false teacher where their words do not line up with what they do. 1 John goes into this also about how we need to walk in love, walk in the truth, walk in fellowship with one another, and to beware of the antichrists that are in the world — another group of foolish men who have their house built on the sand. Ye shall know them by their fruits… But Ye have an unction from the Holy one and ye know all things… Many will say to me in that day, Lord Lord… They went out from us, but they were not of us… OH! I want to be doing His word — not just a learner! And all the law is summed up in one word — love. They will know that we are Christians, not by how much we know the word; but by our love, how much we are doing the word.

  • Shirley Snoeyink

    I am memorizing Acts and just finished chapter 17.I am impressed with Paul’s determination to tell the Gospel to everyone everywhere. I see how he was willing to be sneered at, beaten, chased away, stoned, rejected and how the Lord provided for his comfort by giving him visions and dreams and also loyal friends who were willing to suffer with him.

  • Mark Zinke

    I am memorizing 2 Peter. I am reminded why I really keep on memorizing, why when I finish a book I look toward another, why I spur others around me to check out this memorizing stuff. Our faith is precious and our knowledge of God is central to our ability to live and walk right. God’s word is where my faith and knowledge grow. Peace, Mark Z

  • ChĂ©rie

    I am living in Ephesians too. I can’t possibly put into words what I am learning more thoroughly than Karen did. (Holy cow Karen! So awesome?) Ephesians 3 was my first chapter I ever memorized, but I got sidetracked from finishing the book until now. I’m pretty close to finishing. I once heard a Pastor say that he could counsel nearly every person and whatever issue they struggled with using just Ephesians 4 &5. I believe that. Wanna know how we can live Godly lives with confidence in who we are? Ephesians. 

  • Josh

    I finished memorizing Philippians. I am in the stage of reviewing what I have memorized (the whole book!) over and over.

    Here are the main things I have learned from it:

    It doesn’t matter how the Word is spread as long as it is (1:12-18)
    “To live is Christ, and to die is gain” (1:21)
    We are to suffer for Jesus, not just believe (1:29), like St. Paul (1:30), in imitation of Jesus (2:5-11)
    God works in us to will and accomplish (2:13)
    No complaining; this rule alone sets a good example (2:14-15)
    We are to forget what is behind (3:13-15), counting it as loss, even as dung (3:7-8). (This is easy for me as a convert to understand, because everything I believed before I was saved has turned out to be wrong.)
    Our citizenship is in Heaven (3:20)
    Jesus will make our bodies like His (3:21)
    “Rejoice in The Lord always” (4:4)
    Don’t worry, pray instead (4:6)
    We are to think about what is true and virtuous (4:8; one useful thing I noticed is that “true” is used to mean “real” in Acts 12:9)
    We are to be like St. Paul and do what he taught (4:9)
    We can be content with a lot or a little, like St. Paul, through God, who strengthens us (4:11-13)

    All this has been immensely helpful. I’ve read it before, but there’s nothing like memorizing it. Even this list doesn’t do it justice. I could go on and on about what a great grace this has been.