We Want To Know

Today’s question is:

“What advice can you offer those in our community who are memorizing their first book?

I will summarize your answers and post them on Wednesday.

10 comments to We Want To Know

  • Ginger

    One verse at a time.
    Every verse you get, is one more than you had before.

  • JaneMBScott

    I agree with Ginger, one verse or phrase at a time to absorb and apply in your life.

  • Chérie

    I agree. I do have so many tips and tricks for chapters, (just finished my 53rd chapter ), but one new thing that has really changed how I memorize and has made reviewing more successful is that I never have just one verse in front of me. I always have the verse after it too, and I purposely “attach” the first couple words of the next verse at the end of the new one I am memorizing. Because it sounds out of sync, it registers easily in my brain, and then review has become so much easier.

  • Be sure to periodically schedule in a review week. You don’t want to lose what you work so hard to gain, and without built-in review times, it’s less likely to stick with you.

  • Linda

    Monday, June 30, 2014
    Dear Friends,
    1. Start with a favourite book – You may know some of the verses by heart already.
    2. Memorize 1 verse at a time – The Lord Jesus will make you hungry for more and more of The Bible.
    3. Find a friend who is willing to work on the same book with you – You can encourage each other as you memorize and review.
    4. Trust The Lord Jesus to keep your verses for you – The Lord Jesus won’t let them be forgotten!! He is all powerful!! 🙂

    Your Friend,

  • Richie

    Try not to focus on the big picture. It can be overwhelming to think about getting all the way to the end of chapter 5 when you are only half way through chapter 1. I’d say keep your head down and only look at the verse that is right in front of you for that day. Once you have that one down, say it together with the verses before it to lock it in. Repeat the following day.

  • Diane

    I focus a lot on the first letter of each line and try to make a word or something I’ll remember from it (like dividing it up on my page so that 3 lines in a row start with “a”).
    I do have a question, tho, about memorizing: Is it important to get it absolutely word-for-word or is that being legalistic? An example would be how Paul sometimes says “Christ Jesus” and sometimes “Jesus Christ”.

    • Great question Diane, and the answer is, it’s up to you. Some people like to get all the words perfect, others just want to make sure they get the meaning perfect. I like to get it perfect, but I never put my preference on others. I have one friend who completely skips all the greetings and closings of Paul’s letters because they confuse her and get her tripped up before she even starts. Totally acceptable! It’s up to you.

  • Holly Steadman

    Get on your knees before Jesus and do this for Him. Daily speak what you are memorizing (or reviewing) to Him. In this work, especially as the Spirit convicts or quickens your heart, remember that you have One Audience–HIM. So, speak it aloud to Jesus, and have genuine conversation with Him. The Word of God is living and active. Let the memory work be living and active too. And take time to wrestle obediences.