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What have been some of the benefits to you personally of memorizing entire books of the Bible?

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  • Chris Gray

    Blessing to have more scriptures in my personal library so I can know God more deeply and believe Him and the Holy Spirit has brought up verses to help or encourage others. In one case to reveal a lie as someone was trying to work off past sins by doing good deeds and the Holy Spirit led me to Romans 4 (v.1-8) and as this person read God’s Word, he cried understanding the truth and after looking at several different passages God opened His eyes and he came to faith in The Lord Jesus as his Savior and now does good works out of loving obedience to God for His glory. He says he can’t get enough of reading God’s Word and he continues to come to our church and connecting with folks. Praise The Lord, the author and finisher of our faith!

  • Richie

    I am better connected and more in tune with God by knowing his word. Relevant verses come to mind more readily when a situation arises as opposed to my having to stop and find a bible and search for something to offer at the moment of need. For instance, yesterday my niece was headed off to college and was nervous and stressed about it. I was able to communicate relevant helpful biblical concepts on the spot to help her in a moment of distress. If I had had to stop and find a bible and spend time searching, the critical moment might have passed while I fumbled the ball. I feel like I have a toolbox inside my brain where I can reach for a particular tool that matches the task at hand no matter where I am.

  • Holly Steadman

    A benefit of memorizing a whole book is the opportunity of gaining the continuity of the message from the Holy Spirit. Instead of approaching a verse dissected from the whole, God helps me to see His message, even the parts–but those parts within the context of the whole.
    It also helps me to gain a much more broad view.
    As already said, t’s not about me only; it is meant to be shared–and it is easier to share with others to meet need when the portion is well-supplied, such as a whole paragraph, chapter or book.
    If a book has been memorized, there is a much greater availability of utilizing the Word properly because you have memorized not only the verse or verses, but also the context.

  • Susan

    “I feel like I have a toolbox inside my brain where I can reach for a particular tool that matches the task at hand no matter where I am.” Loved that, Richie!

    In addition to what has already been mentioned – especially understanding context – memorizing a book has opened my eyes to truths I would not have readily seen had I just memorized individual verses. Memorizing Titus gave me several verses I’d only skimmed before in reading, and that now are like slaps upside the head when my thinking goes astray 🙂 I take comfort in knowing those verses are right there to defend against the Enemy.

  • I can no longer quote it, but during college I memorized the entire book of Philippians. Even now, I am very familiar with it and I love having that familiarity with it. I also have a wonderful memory of quoting the entire book to my Grandma, who was a very strong believer. She died almost a year ago and that memory is very precious to me that I was able to do that for her. It was a great encouragement to her that her grandchild could quote Scripture and had taken the time to memorize a book of the Bible.

    • Debi, thanks for sharing that story. As a grandmother myself I love hearing my granddaughters quote the bible with such heartfelt enthusiasm.

  • JaneMBScott

    Lots of great outcomes have already been listed – what about this one… My father became a believer when he was 30 and memorized Scripture a bit then, but let it lapse. Earlier this year, when he heard me recite from the Sermon on the Mount, he has gone back to memorizing again. He turns 89 years old in September, so it’s never too late. One thing he did share which maybe held him back was coming to Jude verse 24 again and he just had to stop and take time with it, “..to present you before His glorious presence whithout fault and with great joy…”!