We Want to Know

Today we’re testing out a new feature for the blog called We Want to Know.

Periodically, on a Monday, one question about memorizing Scripture will be presented to the community for you to answer. Answers can be one word, short phrases or longer, that’s up to you.

Then on the following Wednesday I will summarize your comments and add my thoughts. This will give all of us a broader base from which to learn and grow.

In order for this feature to work it will require participation so please jump in!

Today’s Question is:

When do you find time during your busy day to memorize/review?

36 comments to We Want to Know

  • Susan M.

    The only time I have found is when I am in my bathroom! I am a homeschool mom, and have tried carrying verses around with me during the day but that hasn’t worked for me. I am doing too many things around the house all the time! But I posted the chapter I am working on in individual verse cards, and post a new one to my bathroom mirror each week. I keep the previous weeks up there, and review them each morning as I am getting ready for the day. At the end of the day when I am taking my shower, I have the entire chapter posted on the wall in my shower (laminated), and on the opposite side of the shower I have posted first letter helps. I am going slow–but am really memorizing for the first time ever!!!

  • Ginger

    My best time is on the 25 minute drive to work.

  • Chris Gray

    Elliptical at gym, while swimming, home recording review on microphone on iPhone and playing it back, walking 🙂

  • Betsy

    While driving – radio off. Also while waiting in line.

  • Susan Turner

    Mainly lying in my bed at night and in the early morning and driving in my car. And during my quiet time with the Lord.

  • Donna B

    I find the time to memorize in the morning when I’m doing my morning worship. Also, when I’m walking my son to school in the mornings and even on my breaks from work. I’m also trying to make sure I have my index cards with me so that while I’m out and about that I can take time to memorize.

  • Shirley Snoeyink

    I write my 7 verses for the week on a paper that I keep in my purse or pocket. I memorize while walking, driving, at my desk,doing dishes, riding in the car, any time I am alone.

  • Ethan

    My best time to begin memorizing a new verse is on my early morning walk. My best times to review verses are when I am taking a shower, driving and before I go to bed. (I have the new passage I am working on taped on my shower wall. I laminate the paper by using clear packing tape)

  • Donna

    I keep my spiral index cards on my desk at work. The entire day my new verse is right there. When I go to other offices in the hospital where I work, I review. I have different paths for different chapters. I know the people in the video room see me moving my mouth constantly as I walk to and from my office, but it works for me!

  • Richie Malone

    I have tried reciting verses while I do other things. It sounds so easy and efficient. But, it doesn’t work for me. I guess my mind is so one-track that I can’t even brush my teeth and focus on something else at the same time. Pretty pathetic, I know. What does work is reciting scripture while driving. We live in the country about 20 minutes from town, so whenever I make that drive I can usually get a whole book recited before I reach my destination. I have always carried the spiral, but find myself relying more and more on my iphone Bible apps.

  • Melissa neufeld

    I used to do in the morning when I was ages 18-20. As Janet points out in her book, it doesn’t take very long to recite a book that you are reviewing. Except for from age 20-32 I have dealt with an extreme case of chronic fatigue syndrome and I try to do it in the morning, I start in the morning, but it takes me all day to get through it. Whenever my mind clears I try to get through what I need to do and memorize the verse I need to do

  • Joy S

    I use scripturetyper.com but sometimes that is not enough review for me. I do recite scripture throughout the day, but it is so easy to do my favorites and forget others. So, I just started using audio recordings of the Bible on my cell phone, and I also listen to an average of one passage a day for review. If I can keep up, I mouth or say the words out load. In this way I am reciting scripture, but able to notice mistakes at the same time. I rotate the cuts so each passage gets the amount of review time it needs. I also have scripture taped above my kitchen sink, and on cupboard doors, and in my bedroom for use when I am doing projects in those rooms. Also, using http://versememtool.witnesstoday.org/ I was able to make a print out of the whole New Testament using only the first letter of each word, small font and two columns of text per page. I highlight the verses that I have memorized, and I occasionally use that for review. This review requires a different type of thinking and is helpful with verses that I am rusty on. Does anyone know if they sell Bibles printed like this? I would like to have a more durable one sometime that contains the whole Bible.

  • I always go over the portion of Scripture I’m memorizing in my morning devotions. I just read it once a day, and eventually it sticks. I find it hard to keep up with anything other than just reading it over and over.

  • Cathy

    I try to review passages that I’ve memorized already while I’m waiting for my coffee to brew in the morning and then again right before bed. As for reviewing the current passage that I’m working on, I do that while I’m getting dressed in the mornings. I work on learning the day’s new verse while washing dishes, working in the kitchen, folding clothes, etc. I try to carry my cards in my pocket to remind me to review the day’s verse and to seize opportunities that present themselves throughout the day. (Janet, I love this blog! It’s so helpful!!)

  • Ideally, in the afternoon when I have my quiet time, I spend about 15 minutes learning my new verse of the week and reviewing older individual verses and one older chapter. Practically, that only happens about 3 times a week. What I do review daily is the current chapter I’m memorizing because I keep it posted in a ziplock bag in my shower.

  • Chérie

    The Big Six:
    Cleaning. Cooking. Dishes. Driving. Laundry. Vacuuming. We all gotta do The Bix Six. Might as well redeem that time! You all are probably sick of hearing me say it, but copies of my chapter are taped up all over the house. I’ve even been teased by my kids for taping my chapter on the vacuum cleaner so I didnt have to stop and go look for the copy while trying to memorize my latest chapter. 
    DONNA! I absolutely love the witness that’s going on in your hospital by your faithfulness to memorize. LOVE THAT!!!

  • Linda

    In the morning

  • Mickey

    While driving for work I can drive up to 50 miles or more between jobs. Most of the time it is on two lane hwy or dirt roads in the middle of no where.

  • Well, I often work on my verses late at night after everyone is asleep on ScriptureTyper. I write verses on the white board by the dining room table. On the mirror in the bathroom. I grab an index card and memorize a new verse then repeat it while wiping the table/counters/cleaning the kitchen.

    I’m not really a morning person, but I’d like to work on it, because I get SO HUNGRY for scripture if I don’t get any in until the afternoon.

  • Sue Bond

    I memorize during my morning routine of shower, makeup and hair (30 mins) and then driving to and from work (20 mins each way). I also try to walk for an hour outdoors everyday and I’ll either review my scripture or listen to podcasts of Pastors and other teachers teaching on the book I’m memorizing.

    This is not in relation to the question, but I would like to share with my fellow memorizers, if I could: I don’t have a memorizing group so I rarely get a chance to recite scripture to anyone. But on Sunday March 2nd, I will be reciting from memory the first 5 chapters of Revelation in front of my church. And my Pastor has said that I should feel free to share about scripture memory, what the Lord has shown me through it, how I do it, etc. I’m not at all nervous right now because I know the Holy Spirit is leading me to do this and will take care of the details and will make sure His word comes to my memory. But if anyone cares to remember to pray for me, that I DON’T get nervous, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you!

    • hey Sue, so excited for your opportunity on March 2. I will pray for you and I know others will pray as well. As far as being nervous, I wouldn’t let that stop you. I get nervous every time but I do it anyway and somewhere after about 10 verses I settle down and the joy overflows. Yay!!!

    • Shari B

      Sue, I’m so excited to hear that you have this opportunity to recite Revelation 1-5! I’m putting it on my calendar to pray for you–the Lord will bless His Word. “Blessed is he who reads, and those who hear . . .” (Rev. 1:3)

      • Sue Bond

        Janet and Shari and Ginger,
        Thank you, thank you! There is nothing sweeter than having faithful sisters in Christ! God bless each of you for your encouragement and for your prayers. And Janet, I am going to take to heart what you said about settling down after the first 10 verses, and will trust the Lord to do that for me! Praise and glory to GOD!

  • Ginger

    Sue, I’ve got it on my calendar to pray for you on March 2. I’ve also had some opportunities to recite in front of “large” groups and it is NOT a natural thing for me to do… but God is faithful! And besides, it’s not my words… it is His Word! Bless you for your willingness to share.

  • Kim

    I like to review when in the shower. I try to work on a new verse during quiet time. Work on others throughout the day. Doing housework or cooking is a good time.

  • Susan

    I find my mind is most alert and able to focus and remember first thing in the morning as I start my quiet time. Once I think I’ve got my Psalm down pretty well, I write it out…then I can see where I’m missing some of the flow from verse to verse. Then I begin my process of memory devices and awareness of patterns, etc. to help me flow more easily from one verse to the next. I take the written sheet with the patterns with me on the ride to work.

  • Holly

    I start work at the unearthly hour (to my way of thinking) of 6am so any time before that is just way too early for my brain to get in gear. But I have a job that doesn’t require much thinking 🙂 so I get to work on verses all morning.

  • warren

    Early–before my day gets moving.

  • Paulette

    I will be praying for you