World's Greatest Chef

After I spoke at a church in Louisiana, one woman, Paula, emailed me this poem about the nutritious value of God’s Word.

I love the taste of T-bone steak
Delicious every bite
But there’s nothing like the Word of God
For my spiritual appetite.

The Word of God has milk and meat
And even ice cream and cake.
Take a slice of the Bread of Life
And coffee to keep us awake.

Open your Bible and turn to Psalms
For David’s famous buffet.
You can drink all the wine of the Word you want,
And still feel fine the next day.

There’s enough of the Word for everyone
And no one has to cheat.
The Word of God is a smorgasbord
So take all you are able to eat.

Let’s have a little long suffering
Job gives the recipe.
Patience is the main ingredient
Self-denial is the fee.

Wrap that up in temperance
It may not make much sense
Cover that with contentment
Then add some joy for strength.

Let’s have love for dessert
Jesus made the dish
Cream of joy and peace together
Sift out all selfishness.

Add some deeds of righteousness
Enough to make it sweet
Humility is the frosting
That makes the dish complete.

Or are you on a diet
Cause the race seems hard to run?
For a weight losing menu
Try Hebrews 12 and 1.

Are you suffering from malnutrition?
And don’t know what to do?
Your spiritual growth seems hindered?
Try 1 Peter 2 and 2.

If when every time you battle
The enemy always wins
Try some Holy Spirit Protein
And spiritual vitamins.

God’s Word can feed millions
And still have plenty left
Because the Word of God is soul food
Sent from the World’s greatest Chef.

–author unknown.

God’s Word feeds our souls and leaves us hungry for more. Send me your poems about God’s Word if you have any. I’d love for everyone to benefit.

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