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Monday’s WE WANT TO KNOW question was: What advice can you offer those in our community who are memorizing their first book? Today I summarize your insights and add a few of my own.

I loved the suggestion to start with a favorite book, because you already have some of the verses memorized. You always get a surge when you come to a verse you know. That puts you ahead and gives you a mental leap.

Focus on one verse at a time so that you can meditate on it, absorb it and apply it. Richie wisely added not to look at the big picture, when doing a multiple chapter book, or you may get overwhelmed. I actually see this a lot. You may be sailing along in chapter 1 but you start thinking about how much farther you have to go and you can get discouraged and quit altogether. I think it helps to build up to a long book, by doing several short passages or psalms first.

Periodically schedule in a review week—this is critical! Don’t be in such a hurry to finish that you are not solidifying each verse. Probably every one of us have rushed through a book and then had to go back later and relearn it.

Find a friend, or a group, who also wants to memorize. You don’t have to memorize the same passage. It works well either way.

Here’s one of my favorite tips—say it out loud (whenever possible). Hearing myself say the words helps me take the message more seriously. It’s like preaching to myself and then answering back. It challenges me and strengthens my resolve to make it true in my life.

Both Cherie and Diane mentioned ways to help you remember what comes next. Cherie attaches the first few words of the next verse to the end of the verse you’re working on. Diane focuses on the 1st letter of each line, trying to make a word or pattern to help remember what’s coming. These are called mnemonic devices—ways to aid the memory, whether a formula, a rhyme, or a picture. I think I need to do an entire blog on mnemonic devices. Some people use them, some don’t. The brain can definitely remember 2 things at once so these can be helpful to some people. Try different things and see what works for you.

One more—ask God to help you to memorize so that you do not forget.

And I close with this: enjoy the process. Allow God’s words to draw you close to him. That’s what its all about.

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  • Ginger

    Ah yes! Hand gestures or certain facial expressions are also very helpful cues to remember the words. God’s Word is alive! Recite it with passion as it comes alive in your heart and mind.

    • Holly Steadman

      Ginger–Agree!! Love “recite it with passion as it comes alive in your heart and mind.” Amen! Never leave out the God-inspired passion!!
      Also, I have a friend that has used sign language for key words because that has helped her spirit latch on and remember.