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Monday’s question was:

What have been some of the benefits to you personally of memorizing entire books of the Bible?

Such heartfelt responses! I will summarize your answers. I wasn’t surprised to see that they fall into two basic categories: what God’s Word does for us personally, and how we are able to minister to others. By knowing God’s Word, our enriched lives now enrich others. That’s what its all about.

For us: I know God more deeply and believe him more. I am better connected and more in tune with God by knowing his Word. His Word stays with me and pops up when I need it. I gain a broader view of truth, and more continuity, more than one verse can possibly convey. Memorizing an entire book opens my eyes to truths I easily miss when just reading. Some verses are “like slaps upside the head when my thinking goes astray” (love that one). Verses are right there to defend against the lies of the enemy. Memorizing is not just for the young. Jane’s father at age 89 is memorizing God’s Word.

For others: The power of God’s Word spoken cannot be diminished. When the Holy Spirit prompts us to share God’s Word, we don’t have to fumble around looking for a Bible. By that time the teachable moment might be over. Every time we memorize a new book we add it to our library that we have in our brain which makes truth available at all times. It’s like a toolbox that we can reach for wherever we are to help someone else. God’s wants us to share his Word as an encouragement to the downtrodden, as a warning to the wayward, and to clarify misunderstandings about God and his purposes. The gospel is the power of God for salvation to all who believe. What a joy and privilege to be messengers of God’s Word!

My thoughts added: Memorizing entire books brings unlimited benefits, and different ones at different times. Today I’m pondering the eternal perspective that God’s Word gives. I need constant reminders of what is truly important in this life, and what is not. Otherwise I drift into pursuing temporal pleasures. I feel a sense of freedom when I can let go of things that don’t really matter. And I feel incomparable joy when I pour my life into the few things that count for eternity, namely:
• Communicating God’s Word
• Spreading God’s kingdom
• Strengthening God’s people

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