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Thank you for your enthusiastic response to Monday’s We Want To Know question:

When do you find time during your busy day to memorize/review?

Thirty comments—Wow, that’s a record!

Summarizing your responses, you memorize and review during these times:
• Morning routine: showering, make-up, hair, coffee
• Driving: to and from work, errands, long trips
• Quiet time/devotions – sitting still focused only on the Scripture
• Household chores: cooking, cleaning, laundry, vacuuming
• Exercising: walking, elliptical, swimming
• Breaks at work

You fit in memorizing and review with routine activities you’re already doing. This plan works.

The most common reason that people quit memorizing is not because it isn’t beneficial, but because the person gets out of the routine. If you incorporate scripture memory into activities already part of your life, you’re more likely to continue.

For example, my morning routine provides consistent time to memorize, because no matter what day it is, what time it is, or what my day holds, I’m still going to shower, dry my hair, put on make-up and clothes. During that 40-minute time slot I recite scripture to myself. I’ve done this for more than 20 years.

A fresh reminder: reciting one verse takes only 10-15 seconds, reciting a chapter takes 2-3 minutes, reciting an entire book can be 15 minutes, more or less. We have the time—we just need to grab hold of it.

If you’re new at memorizing, find those regular activities when your hands are busy, but your mind is free. If you walk your dog every morning, or every night after work, take your verses with you and establish a habit. If you’re a mom with school-age children, train yourself to utilize little moments here and there for God’s Word. Waiting in the carpool line five days a week, waiting at soccer practice, piano lessons, and a multitude of other times when mothers wait for their children.

Instead of filling dead time with games on your phone, Sudoku puzzles, and Pinterest (OK, now I’m meddling), fill your idle moments with God’s thoughts.

“Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God” (Colossians 3:2-3).

Keep adding any thoughts you have. And thank you again for participating in our first We Want To Know. If you’d like to submit a question for a future We Want To Know, email me at

7 comments to You Answered

  • Lise Anderson Brocious

    Janet, I love this new We Want to Know thing. It is wonderful that you can give a forum to those who memorize to share the rich variety of ideas of how they have found a time in their lives to do it. I am sorry I missed responding to last Monday’s and didn’t get to add jogging :^)

  • Chérie

    Don’t know about everyone else, but I love hearing exactly what everyone is memorizing? Also, my amazing hubby of almost 27 years, Carlos, has decided to try memorizing. He has a lot of single verses but he is going to try a whole chapter and he is starting with Philippians 1. He is using a very unique approach though that you all might think is interesting. Carlos is an EXTREMELY talented voice artist. It isn’t what he does for a living,(we wish!), but he can do impressions so well, that many people are blown away when they hear them. So he has decided to do Philippians 1 with the voice of Sean Connery, which is an impersonation he rocks at. He says it is going well, and I’m really excited for him. 
    Here is a link of one of his impromptu impersonations. This is one of him doing 2 characters at a time which is crazy. Just wanted to share. 🙂

  • Josh

    I would also like to know what people are memorizing, and what Bible version they use.

  • Rigoberto Lopez

    Hi Janet,

    I am currently memorizing TITUS chapter 1. What do you suggest if memorizing a verse a day is to much.

    • Hi Rigoberto,
      One verse a day is sometimes too much. Go at the pace that works for you, but make sure it is not so slow that you don’t have to think about it . The goal is to have a pace that keeps you coming back to God’s Word throughout the day. I know many people who take 2 or 3 verses a week and that’s works for them. Thanks for writing. I hope that helps.