The following list of Janet’s speaking themes are divided into three sections:

Retreats & Conferences (with multiple sessions); One-session events; workshops.

Themes for Retreats & Conferences

Psalm 1 Revisited (3 sessions)

Psalm 1—there’s never been a more relevant message for the 21st century. This psalm recognizes the tension of living in a culture that is alienated from God, and tells us how to thrive in that environment. The solution to our complex lives is not to “find a verse” that answers our questions. The Bible doesn’t cover every situation we encounter—it was never meant to. In this interactive conference, the goal is to teach you how to think biblically, because we can’t live biblically unless we do.

Connecting with the Heart of God (3 sessions)

Psalm 139, cherished for centuries, announces, “God weaved you and knows you”. He hears your un-whispered thoughts, sees the hidden caverns of your soul, and knows the dreams that keep you up at night. But this relationship was never intended to be one-sided. God wants you to know him beneath the surface. Drawing parallels from human relationships we know that intimacy involves all that you are: your mind, your heart and your will. Discussion Group Questions are available.

Recognizing God in our Midst (3 sessions)

Luke 24 illustrates how God can be working in our midst yet we fail to recognize him. The women at the tomb were forgetful, the two on the road to Emmaus were clueless, and those in Jerusalem had doubting hearts. We marvel at these witless people until we see ourselves. We blame our hectic lives, motherhood’s exhaustion and society’s distractions, but the real culprit is none of those things. Jesus’ words to us will be the same as his words to them. Discussion Group Questions are available.

Finding Hope in a World of Hurt (3 sessions)

Suffering is universal and there are no exemptions for believers. The hope that most people are looking for is the removal of pain and hurt but that is not the hope we find in Scripture. From a backdrop of chronic pain, Janet teaches from 1st Peter the living hope that comes through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Peter wants to change the nature of our hope and help us find purpose in the midst of our pain so that we can move forward in our suffering.

Discussion Group Questions & Personal Reflection Questions are available.

An Invitation to Rest (4 sessions)

In Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus called out the weary and the burdened and promised them rest for their souls. Then he spelled out the conditions: come to me, take my yoke, learn from me. To a 21st century audience nothing in that list sounds like rest. To be honest, we’d rather have a vacation in Myrtle Beach. And so we plod along, with restless hearts and worn out souls … while Jesus waits, invitation in hand.

Discussion Group Questions are available.

Themes for One-Session Events

Dust on my Heart – Janet’s Story

At age 35, Janet considered herself a sincere and dedicated Christian… but dust was accumulating on her heart. She shares her inspirational journey of going deep into God’s Word and the transformation that has come from memorizing over 15 books of the Bible. Dust is unavoidable but we can clear the dust away, and keep it from piling on.

Extravagant Love – Mark 14:3-9

Onlookers were appalled when a woman poured expensive perfume on Jesus. Even more shocking was Jesus response. He said that her deed would be told throughout the world wherever the gospel was preached. What was it about this woman’s lavish deed that made Jesus want everyone to know about it?

Ruth — why this story matters today

The story of Ruth, recited word-for-word from memory, brings the fossilized characters to life. The text is then expanded and brought forward from ancient Moab to 21st century USA, and we see why this story matters today.

Listen to a portion.

ESTHER Leaving a Legacy

You have never before heard all ten chapters of Esther recited from memory in storybook fashion. You will not forget her legacy and the unnamed character who emboldened her.

Listen to a portion.

The Treasure & The Sword – a Christmas message, Luke 1-2

The events surrounding the birth of Jesus caused Mary to “treasure up all these things and ponder them in her heart.” Mixed in was a prophecy that “a sword will pierce your own soul too.” Like Mary, our lives are a mixture of treasured events and a piercing sword that deflates our future dreams. We find hope in Mary’s story because we are told in God’s Word what she was never told. And… we see that her sword became our treasure.

Easter Sonrise – Luke 24:1-12

On that first Easter morning the women discovered the empty tomb. But why were they surprised at this? Had they forgotten Jesus’ words? And who was missing among the women? Did she remember? A profound lesson hides in the details of this story.

Redeemed and Radiant – Ephesians

For the redeemed and radiant bride of Christ, the church, God desires nothing less than full knowledge of the blessings of their redemption (chapters 1-3) and instructions for a lifestyle that radiates Christ to those around them (chapters 4-6).

Growing Like a Weed? MOPS message

If we look up weed in the dictionary we realize that this is not what we want for our children. The alternative for Christian parents is to produce deeply rooted plants that develop into healthy thriving members of God’s family. Janet provides an abundance of resources and encouragement for the spiritual development of children.


Get More out of your Bible (Three 1-hour sessions) or (One 1-hour session covering only a passage from the gospels)

In a hands-on workshop format, step-by-step guidelines teach you how to study the Bible for yourself. In three sessions you will learn how to study:

-a passage from the gospels
-Old Testament wisdom literature – Proverbs
-a New Testament letter
-Old Testament prophets

Bible Interpretation: How Can I Know what it Means? (1 hour session)

In this jam-packed session I will:

-explain the main causes of misinterpreting the text
-walk through ten guidelines for correct interpretation
-present a good model for interpreting scripture.

With multiple examples you will see how the meaning of Scripture opens up when you know what to look for.

His Word in My Heart: Memorizing Scripture (45 minutes)

This workshop proposes something different than memorizing scattered verses. Rather, the focus will be on getting to know God and His Word through memorizing sequential verses in their context, achieving a more accurate and complete picture of who God is. You will be amazed at how simple this method is as you incorporate scripture memory into your daily routines. The ultimate goal is not to memorize the bible but to walk closely with God.