A Book With No Equal

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I wrote my first book in 2002, HIS WORD IN MY HEART. This being my one-and-only book, I put everything into it. I didn’t know if I’d ever write another book, so I made sure it contained the most important things. I taught my readers what I knew about memorizing books and passages. From my ten years of experience memorizing, I wrote chapter after chapter, detailing the benefits, the simplicity of my method, and a day-by-day walk-through of Psalm 1 and Titus.

Ten years went by and I realized much more could have been written. My publisher (MOODY) agreed to a revision so I got busy with a new book, which came out in 2013. I added things I’d forgotten to include the first time around. I added things I’d learned along the way. I now wrote from twenty years of experience memorizing Scripture.

When I meet people and they tell me, “I’ve read your book,” I know they have insight into my heart because I poured out my heart in that book. I shared life-lessons, painful and humbling. With vulnerability I exposed my heart.

In a much superior fashion, God writes his own book, the Bible. God knows this is the only book He’s ever going to write so He includes the most important things. In fact, He includes everything we need for life and godliness. He reveals secrets of His kingdom, treasures of wisdom and knowledge, and life-lessons for every era.

Beyond all that, He exposes His heart. In story form God gives the history of His dealings with humankind, revealing His character and His nature by how He acts and reacts in different situations. His book reveals:

• the joys and delights of His heart
• the expectations and standards of his heart
• what infuriates him and grieves his heart
• what it takes for man to please his heart

God’s book, the expression of His heart, lacks nothing:

• God never forgot to include anything He wanted us to know.
• He never learned anything new.
• An eternity’s worth of experience doesn’t need an update or a revision.

When philosophers and scholars have exhausted their rantings, when my book lies covered in dust, this God-breathed book will still speak with unmatched authority, and stand unrivaled forever.

3 comments to A Book With No Equal

  • Paulette

    JANET, WOW what a beautifully written look into our Heavenly Father.Thank you.

  • Richie

    “The grass withers and the flower falls off, but the word of The Lord endures forever”. 1 Peter 1:24. Ten million years from now, Gods word will stand. It makes everything else in life seem so small in comparison. How can I REALLY LIVE without it? I think it’s not possible.

  • Sue Bond