Share-Your-Story Friday. Susan from FL

In June 2010, my Mother died. She was my friend, my prayer warrior. She left behind a great legacy. A mother of 10 children. I never knew just how much I depended on her for prayer, for guidance, for a shoulder to cry on. We cried together, we prayed together. She taught me what a Godly mother should be. She loved the Lord and she loved her children. I knew she was ready to go to heaven and I thought I was ready for her to go. I could not find peace after she was gone.

I gave her a Bible 32 years ago when we first got saved and fell in love with The Lord. She read that Bible every day of her life and before she died, she told me she wanted me to have her Bible. I could not read it for a while after she died. Then one day I was praying for Peace in my life. The Lord showed me to start reading my Mother’s Bible. I opened it and turned to Psalm 91, my Mother had highlighted the whole chapter. So, I started memorizing Psalm 91 and I could feel The Peace of God come down upon me. God had given me Peace—I was hooked on God’s Word.

I started memorizing more scripture and verses, but I was searching for more. I heard Janet Pope speak on the radio one day about her book His Word in My Heart and I sent off for the book and I read it in one day. I said to myself, Lord this is what I need to do in my life. I have memorized Psalm 91, Psalm 1, Psalm 23, Psalm 51 and the book of 2 Timothy. I am now memorizing the book of James, I’m on chapter 3.

What Peace God has given me through His Word!!!

Such Peace, such Joy, only from God’s Word. I thank God every day that He has opened my eyes to see that His Word is what we need and must have in our hearts to live for Him. We HAVE TO meditate on His Word day and night to have that Peace of God in our hearts.

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  • Cherie

    Hi Susan,

    What a wonderful example of how the Holy Spirit works. The death of your precious mom ended up bringing life to your spirit—Isn’t it unbelievable how memorizing really does breathe new life into your soul. Thank you for sharing, Susan. 🙂
    Never stop memorizing!

  • Paulette

    Hi Susan, good story! I like the part where you said the benefits of scripture memory is joy,& peace from God. Thank you for your inspirational story.keep running the race!!!

  • Chris Gray

    Hi Susan
    Wow, how blessed you are to have had such a godly mother and prayer warrior and dear friend in Christ in your mother! She left you her treasured Bible that you gave her and now this same Bible the Lord has used to encourage you in hiding His Word in your heart! Love how God connected your path with Janet as you take scripture memory to being a part of your life in growing in your closeness with the Lord – very beautiful testimony and thanks so much for taking the time to share! That Psalm 91 is such a powerful prayer and reminder of God’s protection – I memorized that one and am so grateful I did too! God Bless you Susan for His glory, Chris Dallas, TX

  • Very good story. Pray for me that I may grasp and remember. I have trouble remembering things. But if God does it for you he can do it for me. Thank you for you story, made me want to try and start remembering verses again. Thank you

  • Susan,
    I relate to you SO much about the pain of losing your mom, knowing right away what you needed to do after reading Janet’s book, the relief of experiencing God’s peace when you began to memorize Psalm 91 and then being hooked on memorizing after that. It is so encouraging to discover another “sister” on a similar path. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • Kathryn Ludrick

    Susan, what an awesome lovely story! Thank you for sharing it! Isn’t it amazing the myriad ways He brings us to His word? What you wrote reminded me of a verse in Ps 119: “Great peace have those who love His law, and nothing causes them to stumble.” God bless u dear Susan!

  • Cathy

    Thanks so much for sharing, Susan! I completely agree with and have also experienced the connection between meditating on God’s Word and peace.

  • Ronnie Bruce

    I love this story and I know that our mother loved you dearly. I am so proud to be your brother and to have shared this Godly woman as our mother. I love watching how God is working in your life and I know your schedule and what a sacrifice it is to learn Gods word. Keep up the faith and continue to put Gods Word in your heart. I love you sister.