What Should I Memorize Next?

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Many agonize over what to memorize next. Some try to find a book that will match their life circumstances, but this isn’t always necessary. Remember Job. In his great suffering, God’s answer to him didn’t address suffering at all. God revealed HIMSELF to Job, and that was enough.

All Scripture books have value so you can’t really pick the wrong one. For me, whatever I choose for my next passage ends up being exactly what I need. People ask me what my favorite book is. I usually respond, “The one I’m working on right now.”

My advice: choose a variety of topics, authors, and styles to give you a wide spectrum of insights. By memorizing from different authors, you will get distinct, though complimentary, perspectives. Notice, for example the different authors in these passages and books:

• Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7): Matthew quoting Jesus
• Philippians: Paul
• 1 Peter: Peter
• Luke 1-2: Luke
• Hebrews: author unknown
• Isaiah 40: Isaiah
• Psalm 19: David

Choose both poetry and prose, Old Testament and New Testament. Add some history, prophecy, biography and doctrine. Memorizing from assorted texts will build a powerful arsenal and enrich your overall experience. It will stretch you in healthy ways. You’ll see God with fresh eyes. Consider the treasure found in this combination:
• Deuteronomy 5-6: law
• Ruth: history/biography
• Ecclesiastes: poetry
• Haggai: prophecy
• Luke 24 (road to Emmaus): history
• John 17: Jesus’ prayer for believers
• Acts 1-5: history
• Colossians: doctrine

We memorize because we want to know God and walk closely with Him. Our God chose to reveal himself through a composite of 66 books—diversity with unity.

I have one caution for new believers. Because what we memorize takes hold of us, and influences how we think and live, I would recommend staying in the New Testament for a while in order to get established in the faith.

So much to memorize. So little time! I’d love to hear about some of the unique passages and books that all of you have memorized. And what has been the benefit to you of memorizing assorted authors and themes?

7 comments to What Should I Memorize Next?

  • Mickey

    I agree memorizing a wide range of scripture is a good thing. I like the word arsenal, because the Bible is our sword. We need to be ready to give a reason for the hope that lies within us. We also need to be ready to combat sin with our arsenal of scripture. Jesus is our example in Matt.4 when he fought the temptation of satan with scripture. Revelation 21 also might be good to memorize because it talks about the new earth and new heaven,what we as Christians have to look forward to.

    • Mickey, Thank you for exhorting us. The more we have stored in our hearts, the more we give the Holy Spirit to work with so that he can re-mind us. He can remind us if it isn’t there to begin with.

  • Hi Janet, Just finished your book while at the ocean for vacation and am greatly inspired. I have felt a need to begin memorizing longer passages for some time now and your book gave me the impetus. I have started on Psalm 1, written on 3×5, and carried with me on beach walks, but oh, I am having difficulty memorizing. So discouraging! I want to memorize The Sermon on the Mount next but must memorize this first. I have asked for Holy Spirit wisdom; this is very important to me.
    Thank you, Janet, for your book; I feel I know you, and that’s an honor.
    Blessings, Maureen

    • Hi Maureen, So glad you joined us, and thank you for your kind words. Since you are just starting out, your memorizing skills may be a little rusty. These days technology keeps us from memorizing anything. If you will stick with Psalm 1 and go over it about ten times every day for a week, I promise you that your brain will retain it. Don’t go on to the Sermon on the Mount until you feel that Psalm 1 is solid. Then after you begin the SOM, make sure you review Psalm 1 every single week. Pick a certain day, like Mondays that you will always review Psalm 1. Do not be discouraged. Our online community is here to offer help and encouragement. One more tip, if you will recite Psalm 1 for a friend or family member, it will further embed it in your mind. I don’t know why that is true, but others can testify to that being the case. Write back with any more questions. We are here for you. And welcome!

    • Paulette

      Great job Maureen, we will pray for you as you keep running the race!!’keep up the great work!!!

  • Wow! Thanks for the encouragement and prayers everyone! I felt your prayers as I walked the beach, memorized, and meditated on the words of Psalm 1 in the rain, and truly when it became mine, I was at the spot where I was baptized this past Sunday in the ocean! He is so good! Praise His name forever!
    I memorized using the ESV, and underlined key words in each verse, and recited out loud, emphasizing my key words, and meditating on the meaning- now Psalm 1 is mine!
    How blessed I am to have your encouragement, Paulette!

    • Maureen, We knew you would get it eventually. We’ve all been there and have experienced frustration as well. What a precious moment of victory. Press on to know and love God more.