A Lesson in the Design

An ingenious creature, the spider weaves an intricate mesh to trap and devour his steak dinner. Through meticulous planning he avoids his own capture in the lethal web he creates. His design includes two kinds of strands: one, gluey like wet hairspray, and the other, smooth like silk fibers. The spider spins his masterpiece. He outlines it in non-sticky threads. He returns to the center and replaces a strategic number of these strands with adhesive strands, backing away from the trap while he works. As the creator of the web, he alone knows where to tread.

This clever design reveals a lesson for the discerning. The journey through life contains both sticky and non-sticky roads. The wide road disappoints while the narrow road rewards. The enemy of souls spins webs for the traveler to divert and ambush his way. With cunning patience the adversary waits at the crossroads. The aroma of success persuades the passerby to reject the archaic path and tantalizes with a sophisticated new one. And then, like wet cement, this modern highway swallows its victim.

The Master of the landscape, too wise to be trumped by one of his own creatures, knows well the difference in the paths. All who listen to his Word hear the sound of an alarm, pointing out the distinction in the choices. The naïve and self-sufficient shut their ears to the annoyance of his voice, content to proceed unguided. The discerning, eyes open, remain on the road less traveled and avoid the web that ensnares.

“The wise will be put to shame;
they will be dismayed and trapped.
Since they have rejected the word of the Lord,
what kind of wisdom do they have?” Jeremiah 8:8-9

Memorizing Scripture, day after day and year after year, gives us discernment to recognize the voice of God, and avoid the traps that ensnare us.

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