Share-Your-Story Friday. Shari from TX

“I can’t memorize Scripture, but I CAN ask God to help me do it.”

This was the thought that stayed with me after hearing my friend Lise quote a passage from Luke and talk about memorizing Scripture. She also shared, “Don’t try to add something new to your day—ask God to help you ‘catch the minutes’ you already have.”

I wanted God’s Word in MY heart. So I asked the Lord to help me memorize it and find the moments in the day for it. With three teenage sons, I knew I couldn’t add some new project to my already busy days. About this same time, I was reading in Revelation, “. . . you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you have fallen, and repent and do the deeds you did at first . . .” The Lord used this to convict me about leaving my first love—Christ. With the Lord’s help I began to memorize the first five chapters of the book of Revelation.

Learning the first chapter of Revelation was precious with John’s vision of Jesus among the golden lampstands. There’s something about Scripture that lifts my thoughts (which are often focused upon myself) to Christ and who He is. Memorizing Christ’s messages to the seven churches stirred my heart. What things does Jesus notice about each church? What does He value? What does He hate? (Yes, things He hates.) The things that are on Jesus’s heart, I want in my heart. When I memorized “. . . and they will walk with Me in white,” I told the Lord, “I want to walk with You in white.” The Lord is using His Word to change my thoughts, desires, and affections.

I finished memorizing the first five chapters of Revelation in December 2012. (Thank You, Lord!) Last January, I memorized Psalm 139 and camped on the attributes of God in that psalm to start out the year.

Throughout 2013, I worked (slowly) on the book of Romans and recently completed chapter 3. Starting out 2014, I plan to memorize Psalm 32, then return to Romans. In this Scripture memory journey, I know from experience that when I hit a bump or get off the path—I can ask the Lord for help and He is more than willing.

What are some things you are asking the Lord about memorizing His Word?

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  • Chris Gray

    Thanks Shari for this beautiful encouragement to us all of how you said,

    “The things that are on Jesus’s heart, I want in my heart. When I memorized “. . . and they will walk with Me in white,” I told the Lord, “I want to walk with You in white.” The Lord is using His Word to change my thoughts, desires, and affections.”

    Sure has been a blessing in sharing what God is teaching us as we memorize & walk the Romans Road together, you are a sweet sister in Christ! Love in Christ, Chris

    • Shari B

      Thank you, Chris, my comrade in Romans! May the Lord continue to bless you in your love for His Word and boldness in it–it spurs me on and blesses me as well.

  • Paulette

    I agree I find that I spend way to much time on me, and that is why I began Memorizing scripture I want my thoughts to be lined up with my saviour’s thoughts. Thank you for sharing your story today it is what I needed as a reminder for today. keep pressing on.

  • Lise Anderson Brocious

    Thank you Shari for sharing your love of our Lord! It is a great encouragement to remember that the point of meditating on and memorizing Scripture is to learn about the things that are in Jesus heart so that they will be in our hearts. Since you began memorizing Scripture I have seen God use you in wonderful ways to bless others. Praise be to God and thanks to Him for your testimony.

  • Patty B

    I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to hear your sweet kind voice recite God’s Word in such a personal way. I am asking The Lord to help me not be so focused on myself but to meditate and reflect on the meaning and teaching of the passage I am working on and to apply it even to the little things in my day. Thank you for the encouragement.


  • Patta Dietz

    Dear Shari,
    I was so excited that I knew that smiling face in today’s blog-sweet memories of our retreat!
    What a convicting statement, “You have lost your first love”! Chills went down my back as I read that. I want Jesus to be my first love and memorizing scripture, after only a few short weeks, has drawn me so much closer to Him. Today when I prayed I realized it was His words coming out not mine. Scripture that I had been memorizing this week became my prayer. What a lovely bonus to scripture memory!
    Thank you for encouraging by example. His light shines through you.

    • Shari B

      Love this story, Patta–how God’s Word is transforming your prayers! Using His own words in asking and speaking with Him! Blessings to you in your memorizing.

  • Shari B

    Thank you, ladies, for your encouraging words. Isn’t it awesome that God’s Word is “living and active” and does things IN us! I am so grateful for this blog which Janet has–where we can encourage each other in seeking Him!

  • Holly

    Shari, I love how you ask the Lord to help you memorize scripture. Also that we don’t have to add another thing to our day but capture the minutes we already have that are idle and trade them in with purpose – falling more in love with God as we get to know Him better through His word. Thank you for sharing and being such an encouragement.

  • Susan Turner

    You are so beautiful! I love your tender heart toward Jesus and I can see your thoughts lifted to Christ and it is precious. Your story encourages me all the more to make Christ my first love and return to it.
    Love, Susan

  • Sue Bond

    Dear Shari,
    Thank you for this post. I am memorizing Revelation now and am so encouraged everytime I here of someone who has worked on that glorious book! I LOVED the Chapters you memorized, 1-5! It is my favorite form of worship right now, practicing these chapters and praising “Him who is seated on the throne and the Lamb!”
    God bless you as you grow closer to God by having His word in your heart!
    PS – your wording makes me think you are memorizing ESV, which is what I use. Is that the version you memorize?

    • Shari B

      Sue, I love those chapters, too–especially Revelation 4 and 5. When I was working on those chapters and it hit me–how WORTHY Jesus is of all our praise–it is awesome and humbling. And someday we will be there before His throne worshipping! It really is true, “Blessed is he who reads and those who hear . .” May you continue to be blessed!
      And as to what version–I memorize from the non-updated New American Standard.

  • Shari,
    I have especially looked forward to hearing your story, since I would not even be on this journey if it weren’t for you! I am encouraged by the connection you made between memorizing God’s Word and honoring Jesus as your first love. It sure shows in your life!!!

  • Kelly

    Thank you Shari! What I am asking the Lord about memorizing His word? Good question! I have asked Him what passage I should work on next but now I am reminded that He is the reason I memorize! He is the reason I even have any desire at all to do this! Asking Him to help me in the process and to catch the moments – to meet me – is as an important part as the memorization itself. It’s all for Him and about Him. Thank you for the reminder and the and encouragement!