Academy Awards, or not

Knight with lance on horseback
Every year The Academy Awards recognizes and applauds achievement in the film industry. I don’t tune in to the much-hyped ceremony, because only going to one or two movies a year, I lack the enthusiasm of most movie-goers. But of course, over the years, I do have my favorites. Like many of you, I’m drawn to true stories that grab my play-it-safe routine, and inspire me to get out of my little circle and do something audacious.

Have you ever wanted to be in the movie Braveheart? To be a compatriot of William Wallace, to ride alongside him to fight for the freedom of Scotland because it’s a just war? To risk it all, and know that no matter what, live or die, your cause is right? Your victory will pave the way for future generations to live free from tyranny. The noble cause pulls you in and makes you want to shout, “For Scotland or we die!”

Our life on planet Earth is far too brief to make our highest hope a life of ease. Our truest hope is to find a noble cause to give our life for, in spite of the struggle, the hardship, the gashing wounds and strained relationships. It is to find the mission that, on your last day, you will say without pause, “It was worth every battle, every knockdown, every defeat. It was worth the rejection, the denying of self, the indifference of the masses.”

As Christians we’ve been given the most noble of all commissions—a charge to rescue souls, bandage their wounds and recruit them to the great cause. To ride alongside the One on the white horse, to redeem captives and join Him in a war he cannot lose because the story’s already written—this makes every other hope pale in comparison. It’s the battle of the ages and our Commander invites us to have a part in his great drama. No award or applause needed. The privilege of participation is reward enough.

Sign me up. To live is Christ. To die is gain. Suffering advances the cause. And if we die in the fight, we arrive at our destination.

Rise up fellow saints, take your torch, and light the way.

2 comments to Braveheart

  • Richie

    Wow, I have been so inspired by your charge that I am ready to “get out of my little circle and do something audacious”!

    I attended a funeral today. The man who died did not have a life of ease, nor was he working toward it. His job was maintenance at a small county school, and he was a man of few words who lived to serve others without thought of what he might get in return. The speaker and people in attendance all said the same of him. I left there moved and inspired by Mr. Bond’s life.

    Now I am doubly inspired to live like William Wallace and Mr. Bond for the hope and glory of the kingdom of Christ.

    • well glad to hear that Richie. Funerals are actually a healthy way to evaluate where we are, and then make changes. Thanks for sharing.