Share-Your-Story Friday. Charles Spurgeon 1834-1892

At the age of twenty, Charles Spurgeon became the pastor of New Park Street Church in London. His preaching drew large crowds thirsty for God’s Word. The following are a collection of his quotes about the Bible. and one in particular about memorizing Scripture.

Old-fashioned believers could give you chapter and verse for what they believed; but how few of such remain.

If you wish to know God you must know his word; if you wish to perceive his power you must see how he worketh by his word; if you wish to know his purpose before it is actually brought to pass you can only discover it by his word.

To me the Bible is not God, but it is God’s voice, and I do not hear it without awe.

It is not the book that is to be altered; our hearts want altering.

These words come from him who can make no mistake, and who can have no wish to deceive his creatures. If I did not believe in the infallibility of the Book, I would rather be without it. If I am to judge the book, it is no judge of me.

I am perfectly satisfied myself to believe what he writes to me; and if it be so written in his Book, it seems to me to be quite as true and sure as if he had actually come from heaven, and had talked with me, or had appeared to me in the visions of the night.

Oh, to have the “word of Christ” always dwelling inside of us—in the memory, never forgotten; in the heart, always loved; in the understanding, really grasped; with all the powers and passions of the mind fully submitted to its control.

Do you know what it is to have a text leap out of the Scriptures upon you, and carry you away? This special energy and flash of truth is always memorable. How often have the waves of this sea of truth been phosphorescent before my eyes—a sea of glass mingled with fire, of which the spray has dashed over me and set my soul on flame!

Charles Spurgeon leaves a legacy of devotion—to know and proclaim God’s Word.

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  • sheila payne

    My son loves to read Surgeon. It is so difficult to find a church where sermons are rich in the Word of God like they were so long ago (as in the example of Spurgeon). Reading Spurgeon really shows me how watered down the church is today. Very thankful his work is written down and goes deeply into God’s Word.

  • Chérie

    I agree Sheila.
    Thanks for these Janet. He was so anointed, wasn’t he.
    “If I am to judge the book, it is no judge of me.”
    The next time I buy a Bible for someone and have their name engraved on it, I hope to have that quote engraved as well.

  • Holly Steadman


  • Vickie

    Love this post! A few years back I purchased “Morning and Evening Daily Readings by Charles H. Spurgeon” and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. A former pastor of mine introduced me to Spurgeon’s works, so when I saw this at a used bookstore I knew it would be good, but it was absolutely amazing. As related to knowing the Word, he writes “Where lies the secret strength of faith? It lies in the food it feeds on; for faith studies what the promise is – an emanation of divine grace, an overflowing of the great heart of God; and faith says, “My God could not have given this promise, except from love and grace; therefore it is quite certain His Word will be fulfilled.'” We need to feast on His Word to know His heart and share His goodness. Memorization makes the Word available for sharing, anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.

  • Mickey Waite

    This is a quote that Charles Spurgeon, made about John Bunyan, it is one of my favorites, may this be said of all of us.

    .” Charles Spurgeon put it like this: “He had studied our Authorized Version . . . till his whole being was saturated with Scripture; and though his writings . . . continually make us feel and say, ‘Why, this man is a living Bible!’ Prick him anywhere; and you will find that his blood is Bibline, the very essence of the Bible flows from him. He cannot speak with out quoting a text, for his soul is full of the Word of God.”