Share-Your-Story Friday. Cherie from ID

Discovering there are other Believers who share my Scripture memory passion is incredible. I only began four years ago, but the chapters/books I’ve memorized so far have brought so much understanding and clarity of what the Christian life really is and really isn’t.

I know full well the hyped up feeling when part of a chapter I’ve memorized is read aloud by someone else. “…That’s one of mine!” I’ve so many chapters/books I’m hoping to ‘make mine’, but so far I’ve memorized 48 chapters. The books: Ruth, Philippians, Colossians, James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John and 18 other chapters.

Memorizing these hasn’t made me feel more ‘righteous’. (Shock!) Rather, I’m on-my-face grateful. The more I memorize, the more I comprehend (down to my bones) who I am apart from Him. Its very strange, but it seems like the more I etch His words into my brain — being transformed and putting on the new self — I actually become more and more aware of the Adam-nature I was stuck with.

I’m the adoptive Mom of children with special needs, living a very stressful life. Truthfully, it’s straight-up craziness. Knee deep in Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Homeschooling, Doctor/Psych appointments, and mandatory education regarding my children’s diagnoses, it seems overwhelming and endless. (Pray for me! Ha.)

My selfless husband works extremely long hours, so we can homeschool, and I’m alone so much with it all. Yet, I believe whole-heartedly that having the words and thoughts of the Creator in my memory is the reason I’m still sane.

I wish I could say, ” I memorized 48 chapters of the Bible and now my life is so perfect…. ” Newsflash—it doesn’t work that way. But, I wouldn’t trade anything for the sweetness of the everyday occurrences of the Spirit bringing to the forefront of my mind a random verse that is just what is needed for my own encouragement, or just what I need to encourage another.

You know how people talk about the joy of having a ‘like-minded’ friend? Someday I hope to meet a fellow mega-memorizer in person. Scripture wasn’t penned by man, but by the Holy Spirit. (2 Peter 1:20-21) Hmmm…If another Believer has large amounts of what the Spirit wrote etched in their memory—how much more would we be like-minded?

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  • Paulette

    THANK YOU Cherie beautiful and encouraging story. I can relate memorizing. IS my sanity as well.I Will be praying for you. Thank you.

  • Karen Burroughs

    Great story! Thanks for sharing so honestly! I am thinking it would be so fun for Janet to organize some sort of retreat for people to meet each other face to face ! 🙂

  • Cherie

    Thank you too Karen and Paulette. I have enjoyed getting to know you each a bit. What a great idea Karen. I will start praying for a babysitter! Ha. I’m working on the book of Ephesians currently. How bout you? Janet, 1 & 2 Cor. has been on my “radar” for quite some time. I can imagine you are seeing 1 Cor. in a whole new light. Woo Hoo! I have been so blown away many, many times by a verse that “was never there before” 🙂 while memorizing. I’ve been a Christian for over 30 years and was raised in a Christian home, and my dearly loved NIV84 is battered and highlighted to death, yet I still have this happen while working through a chapter. Does that happen to you all?

    • Cherie, Just for the record, I am working on 2 Corinthians, just finished chapter 6. It’s a 2 year project. Right now I have no plans to do 1 Corinthians. Usually after a long book, I take small projects. I’m thinking about doing some of Jesus’ parables. I always have lists in my head of what I want to memorize. So many rich passages – so little time. Ha!

      • Cherie

        2 Cor.! Ok. I know exactly what you mean about taking a break after a long one, and I haven’t even come close to tackling the long ones you have! 🙂

  • Christal

    Hi Cherie, Thanks for sharing….what an inspiration. I also am a homeschooler and am using that as an “excuse” as to why memorization is not practical for me during the school year…can you share how you are able to do this with your never-ending schedule? (I also have Janet’s book)Blessings!

  • Cherie

    Hi Christal,
    My way is old fashioned, but here it is. I paste each chapter onto a blank document in landscape, (3 columns) and I make the verses different colors. Takes about 10 minutes—Totally do-able. Then I make 75,000 copies (kidding), but I make a lot and tape them up everywhere. When I’m working on a verse, I’m also moving all over the place. From the table where we do schoolwork to the laundry room, kitchen sink, the fridge….etc… This way, I don’t have an excuse to not work on my scriptures because everywhere I turn—there they are! We homeschool moms can’t be Martha Stewarts, so having my verses pasted all over the house fits right in with all the spelling tests, and star charts. 🙂 I also have my chapters on my iPhone for when I’m on the road. I look forward to red lights or long lines now so I can glance at my verses. I used to dread all the dishes that “somehow” got left until the end of the night. Now it’s the time I get the most out of my memorization. I finalize what I’ve worked on during the day, and also review past chapters. Hope that helps!

  • Sue Bond

    I also will keep you in prayer, Cheri! Obviously the Lord is using you in the lives of your children and He picked you, especially, for that monumentous job. If you can memorize 48 chapters in 4 years (WOW!!!) with all you have in your life, than anybody can do it. It just takes the hunger and desire for God’s word. Thank you for your inspiring story!

  • Elizabeth Tamlyn

    Loved your story! I, too, have found how focusing my mind on God’s word instead of my worries is the best stress relief that I can think of. Thanks for encouraging me and press on! Thanks for sharing.

  • Richie Malone

    Cherie, what a story! When stories of our lives are shared, it SO inspires others and helps us relate to them. You are hungry, my friend! And you have gobbled up the Word of God. Way to go! And, your phrase “on-my-face grateful” describes me, too. And having his word in my heart came in handy just last night. The discussion around the dinner table with some new friends was about whether the world would be destroyed or not. They all had opinions, but I was able to deliver the truth because I know 2 Peter. I have become more bold because I know his word better. It’s a good feeling to have something to offer when the time arises. Press on, Cherie!

    • Cherie

      That is soooo cool about 2nd Peter. That kind of benefit from memorizing is one of the many benefits that keeps me going and motivates me to use every opportunity I have to work on my current chapter, or go over past chapters. In the last year, I started using a recording app on my phone so I can hear myself saying the chapter while driving. Thank you Richie!

  • Susan

    Oh Cherie!! How I would love to meet you too, my like minded sister. I love what you said about how memorizing scripture has the opposite effect from making you feel righteous but reminds you of who you are apart from him. So true. I so need to rely on Him every second of every day. Thank you for sharing.

  • Christal

    Thank you for sharing, Cherie! So, bottom line is: a commitment to turn your mind to the Word in the “stray” minutes you have….I’m feeling encouraged to try again. 🙂 One more question I have is, many moms use “stray” minutes to mentally plan the day/daily details or events ahead. Do you find it just works out, and God graces you with special ability/added time to work out the details of life as you invest your moments for God’s Word? Not sure if this makes sense, but its a concern I had. Thanks again! 😀

    • Cherie

      Hi Christal,
      I think I get what you mean. My youngest has Sensory Processing Disorder, and an anxiety disorder (& other issues), as he was removed from his birthfamily for “severe neglect”, so making or accomplishing any “daily plans” is a huge challenge. I use Awesome Calendar on my iPhone for appointments. Having my scriptures everywhere I turn has been the biggest part of how I memorize successfully. However, my initial jump into this process included a major overhaul of what I used to spend my measly free seconds on. I turned off all TV & radio and became very selective about what I even read. Just removing those 3 things helped free up hundreds of those measly free seconds I hadn’t realized I had before? 

  • Mickey

    Thanks for your story Cherie, I agree throw out the TV, and turn off the radio. there is nothing like redeeming the time, which is a gift from God.

  • Christal

    I see! Taking every thought captive and redeeming the minutes. I tend to be a “reader” myself, not fiction but only good Christian literature…however those moments might be better spent in God’s pure life-giving Word. It is do-able. 😀 God bless you and your family and thanks again for your testimony!

    • Cherie

      Thank you Chrystal. I hope I helped. As Janet says, it is when we are hungry for God, and His thoughts and His desires,-knowing more of Him, it becomes do-able out of that desire. I encourage you to start small—like Janet recommends in her book, Psalm 1, or another Psalm, or – maybe 1 John 1(10 vss) and remember just one verse at a time. If you are interested in a couple more of some ways I’ve learned to make memorization work as a busy mom, here is a link . Blessings!

  • Christal

    Thanks for the additional link; I am definitely going to check that out! As I contemplated committing and making Scripture a (much) bigger priority in my time and thoughts, today I was hit with a blow that can only described as an attack from Satan( not to worry though, all is fine). thus reinforcing that the path I am turning onto is in direct opposition to him. I am hungry for God, to make His thoughts and desires my own- and live in the victory He has designed for me to have.