Share-Your-Story Friday. Debbie from MS

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Have you ever said yes to something you really had no intention of trying? Have you ever said yes to something that you were certain you could NOT do? Well, we have something in common. Both those statements applied to me when a lovely woman encouraged (challenged) me to memorize large parts of scripture. This lovely woman even sent me Janet Pope’s book to help get me started.

No way could this 62 year old brain retain the book of James but that is where this adventure began. From the beginning, my prayer was for God to give me the ability to memorize and then apply the scriptures I memorized. Since January of 2013, I, and two other precious friends have memorized James, Romans 8, Matthew 5,6, & 7, Psalm 103, and Titus. God has been faithful to answer my prayers.

Recently I was in a setting with sweet women from all seasons of life and backgrounds. The news had just aired about the beheading of the Christians by terrorists. As they uttered words of disbelief and sadness the words I had just memorized came out of my mouth:

“To the pure all things are pure, but to the defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure…” Titus 1:15-16.

Several women wanted to know where that was from – did I make it up? God was giving me an opportunity to share. I begin another class with these women next week and I am taking them Janet’s book. I plan to encourage (challenge) these women to join me for the next adventure in scripture. God bless and keep memorizing!

6 comments to Share-Your-Story Friday. Debbie from MS

  • jane

    Beautiful story, Debbie – makes me think of the bit in 1 Peter 4, “…passing on to others God’s many kinds of blessings”

  • Patty


    Thank you so much for sharing. The Lord is truly amazing and controls every moment of our life. You were encouraged by someone who shared the wonderful plan Janet has developed and printed. Then He placed you in the exact spot at the perfect time to impact others lives. And now you encourage and help others get started memorizing with the aid of Janet’s book. The Lord truly “works all things together for good to those who love Him and are called accordingly to His purpose.” What a blessing.

  • Chérie

    Simply L O V E this story. A fantastic testimony demonstrating how a person feeling overwhelmed at the thought of mega-memorizing can be hugely successful —when they are in it for the right reasons. I agree with you Debbie on how remarkable it is to have certain scripture pop up in your mind. You have all this scripture etched into your brain and the Spirit brings them up at the right time. It’s crazy.
    Congrats on your Memorization Repertoire so far.
    Everything you sacrificed to make this happen could never compare: turning off the radio, the TV, or (and) worrying . The useless things we USED to do with our time when our hands were busy but our mind was looking for something to occupy and entertain it.
    Some may very well have an aptitude for it— but when its all said and done—mega-memorizing is most definitely a choice. SO happy for you Debbie!

  • Clara

    I can relate to your story! I just turned 63 and I am finding out that it is easier to memorize larger portions of scripture than verses. I slacked off in memorizing but became recommitted when Janet gave us a 21 day challenge to memorize Psalms 145. I’m presently slowly but surely perfecting the last two verses. Why is this so amazing? Some days I enter a room and forget why I was going in there in the first place. Lol! It is a miracle that I can do this at this age and time of life. I know God wants me to have His word in my heart! I’m looking forward to the day when I too can readily apply God’s word to encourage others and point them to Him! “To God Be The Glory!”

  • Richie

    Debbie, I am so excited for you! Here you are just a couple of years into it and you have so much scripture in your heart already. And, from your example, it is obvious that God does bring that scripture to your mouth at exactly the right moment. There is proof that God does hear and answer our prayers that line up with his will such as yours, “for God to give me the ability to memorize and then apply the scriptures”. Praise God for his incredible work in your willing heart. And saying “yes” to something like memorizing big portions of scripture does seem humanly impossible and extremely daunting. Those of us who have said “yes” though now know God enables us to do the unthinkable for his glory and our good. Keep going, Debbie! God is using you to reach people and inspire them to know his word. What better assignment is there in the world than that?!

  • Lise Anderson Brocious

    Thanks Debbie for sharing. I know it is only through God’s mercy and provision that I can memorize any Scripture and I am so thankful that He does it! What a joy to ask and see the answer to prayer that is so clearly not of me but of Him.