Share-Your-Story Friday. Luke from KY

I started memorizing Scripture early on in my life. My dad was a pastor and would guide us kids in memorizing certain passages from the Bible. I was also part of an AWANA program for kids that helped us memorize verses. During this time the longest passage I memorized was Philippians 2:1-11, but I never really thought about memorizing bigger passages than that.

When I was fourteen years old, my dad was preaching through Colossians. He gave a challenge to the entire church to memorize the book before he finished preaching through it. This challenge intrigued me, so I set to work at memorizing Colossians. I would take a few minutes every night before I went to bed to memorize a few verses. By the grace of God and through this practice, I memorized Colossians in a few months.

After I finished this first book, I felt an intense desire to continue memorizing other books, which I did throughout the rest of high school. It took a lot of work to maintain what I had already learned, as well as memorize new Scripture, but it was such a blessing to my soul. Throughout my days, as I went about mundane tasks, God’s Word would shape my outlook on everything. This discipline drew me closer in my relationship to the Lord. I saw how vital God’s Word is for us to meditate on, day and night.

Once I graduated from high school, I joined the army, and my time was suddenly much more limited. Due to training and preparing for deployment, my memorization went by the wayside. It was not as easy to quote the Word, and I know this had an impact on my life. But God was faithful and got me back to memorizing while deployed, though slower than before.

After deployment, I was spurred on to keep memorizing by my Uncle who had started a Bible memorization group in New Mexico called Living Word Initiative. Even though I was stationed in Kentucky, he would constantly encourage me to keep memorizing. Recently, I just finished memorizing Romans 8, a long time goal of mine.

The discipline of Scripture memorization is so vital in my life. To have God’s Word to nourish my soul and to fight sin is such a gift. I pray all believers would have this joy and “hide God’s Word in their heart.”

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  • Truly inspirational, Luke! I would imagine you have also inspired those precious children pictured with you.
    God bless you!

  • Paulette

    Luke, very encouraging story.Thank you for your service to our country. I love what you said about God’s word nourishing your soul. I feel the same way. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Luke W

    Thank you Maureen. I am thankful the story encouraged you.

  • Cathy

    Thanks for your testimony, Luke. I join you in your prayer for other believers to discover the joy found in meditating on God’s Word!

  • Mickey

    Luke thanks for sharing your story, it has truly been a privilege to watch you grow up into the man of God that you are. You have accomplished so much for God in such a short time. It is evident that God’s hand is/has been upon you, he has preserved you through temptation in the Army life, the violence of War, and the loneliness of the pastorate.I am sure that having God’s Word stored in your heart has been a great source of strength. Keep running the race Luke, it has been an exciting one so far. Live everyday to Glorfy God in the light of eternity

    • Luke W

      Thank you for your encouragement Mickey. It has been wonderful having your encouragement these past few years, and being able to watch your race as well. You are having a great impact on many. Thank you.

  • Sara B.

    Luke, thank you for your testimony. I praise God for the blessing and encouragement you have been to all of us involved in the Living Word Initiative. By God’s grace let us all keep pressing on! Bama

  • Kelly J

    Thank you Luke! One of the most encouraging things about your story is that it is never too early to start (a challenge for me to encourage my kids) and that even though there will most likely be seasons when we step back, we can always start memorizing again (a challenge to me to continue)! I have started up 1 Peter with much “fear and trembling” 🙂 but am now reminded of how God uses that time in His Word for great things within my own heart.

    • Luke W

      Thanks Kelly. I had 1 Peter a while back. I know I am a little rough with it, but I’m trying to get it back. Let me know how your progress goes and I will keep you posted on mine.

  • Rachael

    Thanks Luke! Great story and very encouraging! Your life has pointed me to the Lord and showed me the importance of reading and knowing God’s word!

  • Richie

    Hi Luke. What a testament to how God’s word within you has sustained you in all circumstances, whether you were a teenager in high school or a young man on the battlefield. Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging us with your experiences.

    • Luke W

      Thanks Richie. Yes, God has definitely shown me His great faithfulness throughout my life. I am so grateful to Him for that.

  • sarah J

    Thank you Luke! Excellent post. You have been such encouragement to me while growing up. And seeing your love for the Lord really impacted my life. Thank you!

  • Rebekah

    Thank you luke great story you have been such an encourgment to me as to how a young person should live for the Lord it is great to see a young man memorize Gods word

    • Luke W

      Thank you for the encouragement Rebekah. I am thankful for God’s work in my life, and for the work I have seen in your life as well.

  • Aaron

    Luke, I appreciate you sharing your story! You are a great encouragement and example to me of how a young man can live sold out for the glory of God. You are an encouragement to persevere in memorizing. Memorizing God’s word brings great joy and is certainly worth the effort.

    • Luke W

      Thanks Aaron. You are so right, that memorizing the Word of God is worth it. You have been a great encouragement to me as well. I can’t wait to see how He uses you.

  • Kathryn Ludrick

    Thank you, Luke. That’s awesome. I thank God for faithful men like you and your dad and for your father’s legacy to the body of Christ.