Share-Your-Story Friday. Mark from IL

I was introduced to bible memory when I was first learning about Jesus. I was about 21, had recently quit drinking and doing drugs and was kind of depressed.

Mark, the guy who was discipling me, introduced me to The Navigator Topical Memory System. When I began memorizing bible verses I felt better. It wasn’t any particular verse, simply saying these words over to myself made me feel encouraged and hopeful. I didn’t have a specific hope; I didn’t understand what was happening; I didn’t care. I felt better, and it was when I said these verses to myself that this came about. Just like doing drugs, they made me feel good and I did more. Memorized bible verses made me feel good so I did it more. After a short time I had memorized the 60-verse set. I found another set of Navigator verses, the Life Issues verses, memorized these and I am still at it today.

Without any pattern or structure, I moved on to memorizing bible passages. I have memorized psalm 1, 8, 23, 25, 119, 139, 150; Isaiah 53, the book of Ephesians, 1st Peter, and 1st John, and also a bunch of other little passages I like. I am currently memorizing Colossians.

For me the best part of this is doing it. I mean, I know a bunch of bible and it comes in handy but the best thing is that I think of it a lot. Scripture runs through my mind every day as I am driving or sitting or running or shopping or whatever. It kinda just happens. A day doesn’t goes by that I don’t run some bible through my mind.

This then makes me think about what the bible is saying about me and about God. This makes me praise God, say I’m sorry, ask him for help, thank him, know him better. This makes me cry sometimes.

I think of Heb. 4:12. “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

This living active power, independent of me, goes to work when I put God’s Word in me.

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  • Chris Gray

    Brother Mark,
    Your testimony reveals the living power of God in your life! Thanks for sharing with such humility and honesty because this is the kind of testimony that needs to be heard in all of our churches and everywhere – we truly are a new creation in Christ and your foundation has been beautifully built on our Solid Rock, King Jesus Christ, Glory to and Praise The Lord – so the storms of life come and go but you remain standing in faith on Gods promises and commandments which you’ve hidden in your heart. Absolutely loved reading your testimony. If you aren’t already, I sure can see you giving your testimony in churches, in prisons, in celebrate recovery and overcomer support groups, on the streets – anywhere and everywhere – May The Lord continue to use you to bear abundant fruit for His Kingdom! God is Able! Eph. 3:20-21

    God bless you for His glory,
    Sister Chris
    Dallas, TX

  • Wow! As I opened my computer early this morning, your testimony was the first thing I read and what an encouragement it was to me. It is so true that as we memorize, His Word fills all the “needy” places in our heart and we just want more of Him, leaving no room for the cares of this life. God bless you and your family.

  • Ginger

    What a beautiful story! The whole idea of exchanging our thoughts for God’s thoughts… His Word constantly on our minds… Is kind of like “praying without ceasing”. What a powerful way to live day to day!
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Sue Bond

    So encouraging, Mark, thank you for sharing. I totally agree with you, “the best part about this is doing it.” I love running scripture through my mind at any and all times of the day.
    God bless you and your beautiful family!

  • Richie

    Wow, Mark, what a moving blog! Thanks for letting us into your world so we can see what memorizing God’s word has done in your life. I love how you said that knowing bible verses is handy but that the best part is that you think of it much of the time. And thanks for pointing out that “This living active power, independent of me, goes to work when I put God’s Word in me.” So true! Our minds are going to dwell on something. Why not give it the good stuff?! Way to go, mark. So proud of you!

  • Melissa neufeld

    I understand the feeling of wanting more. When I finished my first book, all I wanted was to get onto the next one and then the next one. I get so excited to start a new one

  • I’m with you, Mark. The more I memorize, the more I want! God’s Word is amazing in that once we get it planted inside us it just keeps going to work!

    “This living active power, independent of me, goes to work when I put God’s Word in me.”
    I love this quote, well said.

  • Christal

    Hello, Mark,
    I absolutely love your testimony. I can totally relate how the Bible passages give you hope and make you feel better! I also love your spontaneous approach. ..thank you for your straightforward honesty!

  • Mark Zinke

    Thanks for all the kind words. Sometimes people tell me that they want to do this; memorize/ know the bible but all sorts of things make this impossible. I made this little pamphlet to help people see that they can do this too. If you would like a copy send me an email to Peace

  • Mickey

    Hey Mark

    Thanks for your story, it is encouraging to see how God has used memorizing his word to bring you closer to himself. I am working on memorizing Psalm 119, and it has been a challenge as well as a blessing like verse 103 says How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth. As you well know God’s word is the best thing that we can fill our minds, hearts, or mouths with.

  • Lisa Stanton

    Hi Mark!!!

    Thanks for sharing! Your story is a great reminder for me to slow down, listen to God’s word and talk to God throughout the day.