Share-Your-Story Friday. Rosie from KS

Prov. 22:17 “Listen to the words of the wise; apply your heart to my instruction. It is good to keep these sayings in your heart and always ready on your lips. I am teaching you today so you will trust in the Lord.”

“I’m sorry Lord, I so desire to keep your word in my heart and have worked long and hard for many years, but try as I will; I cannot retain what I’ve memorized.” With that confession I sadly put my 3 x 5 cards away. Did you know that God desires for us keep His word in our hearts? One month later I heard Janet quoting Colossians on the radio and was encouraged to try again. I bought her book, put her suggestions into practice and instead of memorizing individual verses, I started putting passages in my heart consisting of an average of 6-8 verses.

Reading the sections surrounding my core verse gave me a better understanding of the passages as did taking time to study the text, with the aid of cross references and a study Bible. I discovered that each and every word of the Bible is “gem” worthy of retaining. It also helped me to recite them out loud and with passion. God’s word is so rich it merits the concentration required to discover its treasure.

Reviewing also helped when I would think, “I really don’t understand what I am quoting!” That is when I would go back and explore it until I understood that portion better which not only helped me to retain but seemed to advance it into my “long term memory”.

Like spending time with a “valued friend” reviewing has deepened my relationship with the Lord and the scripture I “captured” was always there when I needed it with its divine wisdom for guidance and support. I am elated to say that the result has been the greatest growth of my Christian life. I presently have nearly 40 passages in my heart, using them often not only in my life, but also for encouraging others. The result is an unquenchable desire to “reveal and review”.

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  • Susan M.

    Since I also have a hard time remembering verses I have memorized before, I appreciate your encouragement to keep at it!

  • Chris Gray

    Amen Rosie! This is a wonderful encouragement of “why” we memorize & review & study His Word! Recently I started journaling on 3-4 verses at a time from chapters I’m memorizing: summarizing what I’ve read in 10 or less words (helps me comprehend overall message), write some observations and then I write how I’m applying or need to apply. Thanks again for taking the time to encourage us all!

  • Vickie

    Rosie, what a blessing your story is! I agree with the “exploring” in review. It’s just so amazing that even when we don’t understand all that we are memorizing at the time, He reveals more and more to us in the review process. I believe it exercises our faith and demonstrates to us the richness of the treasures in His Word at times when we are able to comprehend them. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Richie

    Hi Rosie. Thanks for sharing your experience with scripture memory. How neat that God tuned you in that day to hear Janet reciting Colossians on the air. I love how He provides encouragement at exactly the right time in unexpected ways. I am so glad you pointed out that “God’s word is so rich it merits the concentration required to discover its treasure”. Well said! Gods word is worthy of all our effort to remember it. I am excited to see you here on the blog. Keep coming back, so we can spur each other on.

  • Rosie

    Oh my, what a blessing all of your comments are to me! Chris, I like your suggestion on journaling. While memorizing scripture is a great exercise for our brains, it is “application” that gives God the glory and guides us through our lives.

  • Mark Zinke

    Your words echo God’s Words; your testimony and Prov 22:17 bring to mind Phil 1:6 – being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on until the day of Christ Jesus. Memorizing scripture is not a desire that naturally rises up in me. I would naturally run from the words I now recite daily. God came into my life and did some rearranging and now I love these words. God begins the work. The bible says He is always working – like when He worked in your life using Janet’s talk and her book. He had to do this because He had begun His good work in you – He has to carry it on till you/we see Jesus.

    Another passage you bring to mind is Psalm 119:97 – 104 (the whole psalm really). Whatever I have when I come to God and His word: God’s Word makes me wiser, gives me more insight and more understanding, helps me obey Him. This word is sweet to my taste, appealing and I cannot depart, I keep coming back for more.

    Thanks for your encouragement to slow down some times, to take time work to more fully understand this Word I recite. You see, today God is using your testimony and words to carry on the work he began in my life.

    Peace, Mark Z.

  • Rosie

    What great in site, Mark! I never thought of all the aspects you brought to light. What an awesome thrill to be in God’s plan. To HIM be the glory.

  • Chérie

    I just loved your story. So many people do what you did, and put their 3×5 cards away feeling its hopeless. And so many others think its hopeless and never bother to try. It was so cool to read how once you were able to use the right system, you really took off, and you were HOOKED! I remember the moment I knew I was hooked. Could there be a better thing to be hooked on?
    Not possible. 
    I think your story is a good one because you really struggled at first and people can relate to that, but then after finding the right system that allows you work longer passages rather than single verses, the abundance of joy and truth and peace you glean from every single word is what keeps you going. That joy will spill over and when it does I hope you share your story often. You never know who will benefit. I look forward to hearing more about you and your memorization process. What are you working currently? I’m about to work a super long book. It will be my first time to work a book that will take between a year to 2 years to memorize.
    Thanks again Rosie!

  • Kelly

    Thank you Rosie! It is an encouragement and exhortation to hear you talk about “taking time to study the text” and that :every word in the Bible is a ‘gem’ worthy of retaining.” It seems that it is easy to vacillate between 2 extremes: focusing so much on the memorization that the words don’t penetrate our hearts or minds, or dropping memorization all together because of discouragement, busy-ness, etc… I pray that I will be given the strength and wisdom to continue on in your example: recognizing the preciousness of God’s Word and making sure that time is spent in understanding as well as in memorizing.

    Thank you!

  • Rosie

    To answer Cherie as to my current focus, it is to review. I call what I have memorized my “Spiritual Friends”. Just like special friends I actually miss them when I haven’t spent time with them for awhile. I will often add more verses to them, as well. Also, like close friends when I meditate on them I learn new truths that I had totally over looked before. Another blessing! It is (can I say it) “FUN” AND rewarding to renew old friendships.