Share-Your-Story Friday. Jane from Scotland

June 2003 I memorized Psalm 121. I love this Psalm, “I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Isn’t that sublime? I have a comfortable chair in my room where I can sit and look to the hills of Angus, and Psalm 121 is never far away.

In March this year my husband and I went for a hike in these hills. We decided to drive to the top of Glen Esk, hike along the side of Loch Lee and go as far as the Falls of Damff. We did as we had planned but were already at the falls by lunch time. My husband was eager to go further and our old map showed that we could climb up by the falls, cross over the moorland plateau and come down on the other side of Loch Lee. Off we went climbing higher and higher. We got above the snow line and the going became more difficult. The snow covered any path that might have been there, the old map wasn’t a lot of help and piling up behind us was a snow storm. I slithered around and my boots got full of snow and my socks got wet and then into my mind Psalm 121. “I look to the hills”, well I certainly was doing that, remember, “my help comes from the Lord”. “He will not let your foot slip”, I needed that assurance as the storm clouds rolled in closer. “The sun will not harm you by day or the moon by night”, my heavenly Father is in charge of the sun and the moon and even this approaching blizzard.

“The Lord will keep you from all harm”, eventually we reached a high place and there in the distance, away below us, sparkling Loch Lee. Our Father in heaven had, indeed, kept us from harm. Now that we could see where we wanted to go we continued with renewed vigour. We came on a track and started to head down while up on the higher ground the snow storm was now swirling and blowing, ‘Thank you heavenly Father that you watch over us’. And then He gave us a rainbow, “…the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forever more.” Amen.

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  • Chris Gray

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing Jane!

  • Linda Nikitin

    July 4, 2014
    Hullo Jane!
    Thanks for sharing Psalm 121!
    I have Christian Friends who live in Tain and Inverness!
    Love in Our Lord Jesus,
    Linda Nikitin

  • I love hearing how God reminds us to apply His Word to our every day REAL life! Thank you for the encouragement–beautiful verses!

    • JaneMBScott

      Yes Susan, I love to get His Word off the pages of the Bible and into evry day situations and, of course, Scripture memory enables us to do exactly this.

  • Vickie

    Jane, as I read your story, I felt like I was on that journey with you. God brought to your mind scripture that you had memorized and led you through your journey with His Word. He is so gracious to give us what we need and at the perfect time. Thank you so much for sharing and may The Lord richly bless you!

    • JaneMBScott

      Thanks for that Vickie, what I thought was how it’s 11 years since I memorized Ps 121 but God could see down the years to that very time that I needed it – what a loving Heavenly Father we have!

  • Holly Steadman


  • Chérie

    Thank you so much Jane. The enchantment of your country was woven so beautifully into your story. If only we all could see it in person.

    I’m helping my youngest son memorize this Psalm. He struggles with an anxiety disorder, and Sensory Processing Disorder because of being exposed in-utero to Meth and Marijuana by his Birthmom who also chain smoked throughout her pregnancy. (I never met her but hope she was able to finally straighten out her life)
    I’m repeatedly blown away at the power of this Psalm, and it defies the logic of psychology, and well,…that pretty much tickles me pink.

    He has a VERY long way to go, and we are in crisis mode several times a week, but our great and mighty God has graciously shown me that I can help him self regulate at times, if I can get him to say this Psalm along with me when he is in a meltdown. 

    Keep Memorizing! 

  • Richie

    Hi Jane. What a great story! I, too, was impressed that, in the middle of your trouble, you turned to what you had learned years before and that it reassured you when you needed it most. That encourages me to keep hiding his Word within me and to keep it fresh on my mind, so that when trouble comes in my life, which is certain to happen, I will have what I need to carry me through it. I love that he gave you a rainbow in the end. Isn’t that just like him, to lavish his love on us that way?!

  • JaneMBScott

    Thanks for your comment Richie. I’ve just finished memorizing the Sermon on the Mount and it finishes with the wise and foolish builders – to be wise, it’s like you say, acting on His word – using it in the circumstances of our life.

  • Lise Anderson Brocious

    Jane, I love your comment that you get His Word off the pages of the Bible and into every day situations. What an incredible blessing to have that word with us as we face all kinds of different situations!

  • JaneMBScott

    Yes Lise, it’s such a blessing to have His word ready for whatever. I also like Ecc 11:1, “Cast your bread on the surface of the waters, for you will find it after many days.” with the idea of spreading His word around, like on Facebook, etc., so His word is at work ‘out there’ and not confined to the pages of the Bible.

  • I think that actually the first line of Pslm 121 is a question. The pagans looked to the hills. It could be read, ” Shall I lift up my eyes unto the hills? From whence cometh my help? Questions in Hebrew read like statements and without the help of voice are preceded by the word “HI’Yeem” “question” . Such great theology in the Pslms.

  • Holly Steadman

    Chérie–I so agree with you that the Word of God can help self-regulation. It does for me!!! And it is just awesome that you are training your son to welcome the Sword of the Spirit through memorization. That will succeed him far beyond any crisis. And you too!