Share-Your-Story Friday. Sandy from NC

One day in 1992 I was at a women’s conference at Precept Ministries in Chattanooga, TN. I was called to the platform spontaneously by the song leader whom I did know. She asked me to share some Scripture with the group. I recited the entire book of Colossians. Somewhere in the audience was Janet Pope and you know the rest of her story. But my story has been very different than Janet’s…

Craig, my husband, after coming to Christ, purchased me a packet of scripture memory cards. I truly thought people were “religious freaks” who did something like this☺. Three years later Craig and I were walking down the isle of our church in Charlotte, NC (Calvary Church) to be married. When we started Precept we were both asked to teach. We were also expecting our first child. On February 15, 1988, everything came to a halt when I delivered our beautiful stillborn son, James Caleb Day. This changed our lives forever and I couldn’t possibly share about everything on this blog so I am going to direct you to our websites ( is a 501(c)3 non profit organization) and you can read my testimony at and click about us and you will see my story there.

Several years later I was asked to teach Precept again and my hearts desire was to memorize the book I was teaching which was 2 Timothy. I have memorized seven books of the Bible and continually go over them almost on a daily basis. If you read my story you can understand that I had a lot to deal with in my life…drugs, alcohol, sexual sin, an abortion at age 19, my first husband’s tragic death at age 23, our stillborn son, a miscarriage, and years of infertility.

Three years after Caleb’s home going God placed on my heart Caleb Ministries. Next year we will be celebrating 25 years of God’s faithfulness in helping countless families who lose a baby or who have suffered infertility or who are post-abortive. Memorizing God’s Word changed my thought life, which ultimately changed my heart forever. Taking my thoughts captive (2 Corin 10:5) and renewing my mind with Truth (Roman’s 12:2) are a part of my daily life. I am no longer bound by my past but by the finished work of Jesus on the cross as I truly live in His forgiveness!

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  • Janet Pope

    I would love to share briefly how I found Sandy after 22 years of not knowing her name or who she was. Back in 1992, I went to that women’s conference in Chattanooga with 4 friends, one of whom was Claire Cornett. Last summer Claire was in Dallas visiting. She asked me if I had ever found the woman whose Scripture recitation changed my life. I said, “I don’t even know her name, how can I ever find her?” Claire then said, “I think we can find her. She has a ministry and she gave out brochures at the conference. I think I have one at home. I’ll go look for it.” I still thought it was impossible that Claire would have a brochure from 22 years ago. A few weeks later, Claire texted me with a picture from Sandy’s brochure and said, “I think this is her.” Why had she saved that brochure for 22 years? I then Googled Sandy’s ministry, got her address, and sent her my new book that had just been out for a few weeks. I wrote her a note, put a bookmark on page 14, and asked her to read the page and tell me if that was her. About ten days went by and then I got an email saying “You found me!” When I got the email I was so flabbergasted that I couldn’t even write back until the next day. So here she is with her own story to tell.

    I would like to say publicly to Sandy, “Thank you with everything in me, for being ready and prepared that day in the spring of 1992. Thank you for sharing God’s Word from an overflowing heart. It changed the direction of my life and I am beyond grateful. Over the years, hundreds of people have thanked me, and now I thank YOU. You were the first link in the chain and who knows how many are now memorizing God’s Word because of you. God was so kind to let me find you. I’m still amazed!”

    And a shout-out to Claire Cornett for keeping a brochure for 22 years!

  • warren

    Wow!!! That is pretty cool…and inspiring! thanks..

  • Holly Steadman

    Sandy, I am so grateful for your testimony of the sufficiency of Christ to redeem us. It can be easy to forget that Jesus came to the world to redeem the mess. That mess is both collective and individual. The last 2 nights I have spent progressively storm tossed, and this morning woke up @3 tormented. I read your words with weeping. Janet was (and is) so inspirational to me when I heard her some years ago. My life has never been the same. God has infused the storms with Himself through His Word of truth.
    And right now I know what I need to do.
    I need to get self lost in the truth.
    Thank you for sharing your heart.

  • Thank you Sandy, for being prepared for action and allowing God to use you to encourage so many people.

  • Chris Gray

    Beautiful testimony, so glad to read how the Lord connected you with Janet back then and now so we all can be blessed & encouraged in The Lord! Glory to God! Thanks again Sandy !

  • Natalie

    After hearing about this woman my whole life, it is so incredible to have her on the blog today and to hear her story. Awesome!

  • Teresa

    Thank You, Lord, for making this connection after all these years and for letting all of us see how many people have been touched by Sandy and Janet! To God be the Glory!

  • Ethan

    Sandy, thank you for sharing your story. I remember the day when Janet arrived home from the Precept conference, told me about you, and told me she was going to memorize the book of Ephesians. I could tell that you had radically impacted her life. I also remember the first time that Janet shared the entire book of Ephesians to a large group at our church. When she ended by saying “grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love” (Eph:6:24) I could tell God’s Word had impacted lives. Some were crying, some applauded, some sat speechless. (Not because of Janet, but because God’s spoken Word was so powerful.) Thank you for the eternal impact you had in Janet’s life and the thousands of others that you and Janet have influenced since that special day at the Precept conference in 1992. I am so thankful that you and Janet were able to reconnect 22 years later. Much love from all the Popes.

  • Shari B

    This is so sweet to read this! Thank you, Sandy, for your obedience to memorize Scripture and to be willing to share it. How awesome is it that 22 years later–Janet was able to get connected with you! Janet has been so influential in my own life in memorizing Scripture. What a beautiful testimony this is to me that when we hide His Word in our hearts–we can trust Him that there will be fruit! To God be the glory!

  • Sue Bond

    Wow! How good is our God to bring all of this together! We don’t always know how the Lord is working in our lives but sometimes He gives us these glances (even 22 years later) into His amazing plan. What an encouragement for me. Thank you and God bless you for sharing today Sandy!

  • Susan Turner

    Sandy, WOW!! What a powerful testimony of the redemptive power of Christ and His living Word in our hearts.
    I, too, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your willingness and courage to respond to the invitation to proclaim God’s Word to a group of women all those years ago. Because of one simple act of obedience, I am forever changed as well. I can’t wait to meet you one day (on this earth or in heaven) and give you a big hug, my sweet sister in Christ.
    May we never shy away from proclaiming boldly the Word of God. “It does not return empty.” God bless you.

  • Chérie

    SANDY! Holy stinking cow!! I have wondered about who you were for so long now. Colossians was my very first book to memorize, and it has a special place in my heart for several reasons.

    Even though I began memorizing before I knew Janet, her influence has helped me as her heart toward the reason for memorization is so pure. 

    I didnt know any mega-memorizers in my area, (and still don’t). Memorizing had become such an amazing, transforming passion for me, I so wished someone —(ANYONE?) understood what I had become obsessed with. One night —on a literal whim, I googled “PEOPLE WHO MEMORIZE BOATLOADS OF SCRIPTURE”… 🙂 Lo and behold…, there she was—little missy herself and her book popped up. Having finally found out I wasn’t alone was the coolest thing ever? 
    I also want to say THANKYOU to that worship leader who “randomly” (ha…ya right!) had you come forward to share some scripture. Little did that worship leader know how The Lord was about to transform the heart of an itty-bitty little thing (but she does push ups!) named Janet Pope, who would turn around and transform so many lives because of a radical wish—that was bigger than she was, to “know God better”.

  • Lise Anderson Brocious

    Sandy, I just sat here and read your story and wept. I am so amazed and overwhelmed at the goodness of God to direct you and then Janet to point so many people to Him. Your’s and Janet’s story is such a testimony of how God uses what we say or do to impact people in ways we may never know! Because Janet’s friend kept a brochure she can thank you and we can thank you. But how many other people at that conference and for many years since through your ministry have been moved to follow Christ more closely because of His working through you. Thank you so very much and most of all — Thanks and Praise be to God.

  • Richie Malone

    Hi Sandy! I have also wondered for years who you were. I met Janet in her Bible study 11 years ago and read her book at that time. I was introduced to you in that book, although I had no name to call you. All these years I have pondered the mystery of that event, the spontaneous call, your stepping forward and not shrinking back, the impact it had on Janet, her changed life as a result from hearing your recitation, Janet’s influence on me to begin to memorize books, my reciting scripture before others, and the ones who heard me who tried it themselves. Here is evidence that God can use one willing heart to change the world for His glory. Praise be to God for His call on you and your obedience to Him.

  • Sandy Day

    Hi Everyone, What a blessing it was for me to read the special comments that were posted!!! What an amazing group of MEMORIZERS!!! Praise be to our faithful God that day at Precept that one girl (maybe others-idk) obeyed what The Lord asked of her! I know Janet has been blessed by all of you as you also have obeyed God by memorizing! I pray The Lord will be with each of you as you memorize all for His glory! Press on dear friends!!! Love to you all!!! By His Grace, Sandy Day