Flat Tire

flat tire woman
Back in my mid-20s, single and naïve, a concerned neighbor wanted to teach me, and my two roommates, how to change a flat tire. Before the days of cell phones, being stranded could land you in a dangerous predicament.

This training session was not how I envisioned spending my Saturday afternoon. Filled with youthful optimism, I couldn’t imagine ever needing to know this information. Our friend insisted, and so we endured this hot, laborious exercise to appease our cautious, always-be-prepared friend.

Two years after this educational workshop, I found myself in desperate need of that skill. While driving on the Interstate in Orlando with my mother, we heard an explosion and swerved off the road. She sighed, “Oh dear, I think we’ve blown a tire.” With dubious confidence I said, “No problem Mother, I know how to change a tire.”

Actually my plan was just to appear like we were getting started, and surely by then, those helpful Highway Patrolmen would rescue us. Step one was climbing into the trunk with my dress on. Then I hoisted the spare tire out of its secure place. And the jack? Simple, just like he taught me.

Some forty-five minutes later, one of those uniformed gentlemen showed up. “You ladies need any help?” “Great timing,” I mumbled under a clenched smile.

“Thank you very much but we’ve just changed our own tire.”

The training session two years earlier seemed like a wasted afternoon at the time. It became useful at a later date. This is often true of memorizing Scripture. What I learn today is always valuable, but not always immediately useful. But I hold on to it knowing the benefit will come later. And the more I learn, the larger the reservoir I have to draw from when a situation arises.

Had any flat tires lately? No, and I’m still not enthused about getting grungy and sweaty in order to prove my proficiency with a jack. I have a new device that works even better—a cell phone!

Tell us your experiences, memorizing Scripture and then finding it useful later.

2 comments to Flat Tire

  • Chérie

    Such a fantastic illustration of one of the reasons we do what we do. The word that popped off the page was “reservoir”. Hello! What a fantastic description of what happens when we memorize long portions of scripture rather than single verses. I have been astounded at how many times a verse has popped into my mind that is EXACTLY what is needed in that particular moment. What is the most uncanny is that very often it is from a chapter I havent worked on in awhile. It happens often and it is so cool, and spurs me on to KEEP MEMORIZING!

  • Holly Steadman

    Yes! Agree! And, love that word “reservoir” too. Often I have had to “fast forward” through the “reservoir” in order to find the verse I know is there. Taking a hand–asking my dear friend to give me a moment as I sift through the channels in my brain. God is so kind as He gives patience. At times I’ve even had to just stand there and speak a whole chapter until, with great joy, I find that specific Text so needed. The beauty discovered is that the context which has always helped me with the single verse often also helps the one listening gather in precious Holy Spirit Breath.