Parents, Lead the Way

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Enthusiastic parents eagerly sign up their children to memorize Bible verses. Like sponges we want them to soak up all the good things in the Bible. We want them to:

• know how much God loves them
• discern truth and error in what they hear at school
• stand alone against peer pressure
• trust God’s Word as a source of wisdom for whatever life hands them
• find comfort when life disappoints them
• avoid the pitfalls that await them in this ferocious world.
And the list goes on…

Ironically, there’s a lot of push-back at the suggestion that parents should also memorize God’s Word, not just help their children to memorize. Busy parents cringe at the thought of one more thing on their plate. I totally get that.

This counter-productive attitude, however, leaves children wondering why adults don’t need God’s Word in their hearts. Perhaps the purpose was to learn, and they’ve already learned it all.

May I suggest a completely different approach? Don’t view Scripture memory as something to do but rather Someone to pursue.

The One who created you calls you into a deep, intimate relationship. He already knows you perfectly, and likewise He wants you to know Him in the depth of your soul. God chooses to reveal Himself in His Word and those who seek Him there will find sweet communion.

In every passage of Scripture God discloses something about Himself: His flawless character, His strategic plan, His paradoxical values, His exceedingly great desires for His children. We find delight in memorizing God’s Word when we realize it connects us to Him—it’s all about the relationship!

Our motivation for wanting our children to memorize God’s Word should be so that they will develop a vibrant relationship with God who will be there for them at every point of need in their lives. The list above will be accomplished far more effectively than any learning exercise.

Let’s show our children by example that memorizing God’s Word binds our hearts and minds to the One who called us by name and lay down his life for us. Let them see that through hiding God’s Word in your heart:

you are growing and experiencing new depths of the love of God.
you are able to discern truth from error because God is truth, and you know Him.
you stand courageously against adult peer pressure because your God stands with you.
you run to God first as your source of wisdom.
you find comfort when life disappoints you, because the God in those worn-out pages consoles you.
you avoid the world’s pitfalls because He is the lamp at your feet, and the light in your path.

Children learn what they see in you. Show them that knowing God is your greatest treasure and memorizing His Word connects you to His heart.

10 comments to Parents, Lead the Way

  • Susan M.

    Thank you for this post. Have been sick with the flu this week, and have not been doing well with my memory project as a result. This is just the encouragement I needed to hear today.

  • Paulette

    Thank you for today’s post. I love the line of someone to pursue. Not something to do. I LOVE that!!! Your posts are a shot of encouragement 3 times a week. Thank you.

  • Richie

    He wants me to know him in the depth of my soul! I know him a little bit, but I know the deepest part of me wants to know him well. If he is in his word, and I put more of his word in me, logic tells me the more I memorize and review what’s there, the more of him I will enjoy within me. Great thoughts to ponder today! Thank you for your faithful writings, Janet. They always turn on a light for me!

  • Natalie

    I love when I wake up in the morning and there is an email from your blog. What an important post, and I am so motivated to Lead The Way today! Thank you!

  • Holly

    Wow. I, too, love that line – viewing Scripture memory as Someone to pursue rather than something to do. Although my children have long since left the nest, it is never too late to be an example of this. Thank you, Janet.

  • Chérie

    You are killing me? In a good way though? 🙂
    Your posts, my dear friend are straight-up anointed. Thank you so much. Even mega-memorizers sometimes need to be reminded and re-routed. I know my kids hear me everyday reciting the chapter I’m working on while doing mindless activities, but they need to comprehend the Who in this pursuit of memorizing. Otherwise, well… I might as well memorize famous speeches or poetry.

  • christal

    this line alone ( along with many others, I note) gives me much food for thought: Memorization is not something to DO but Someone to PURSUE. It’s the age-ole battle of religion vs. relationship. One produces life and the other, death! I’m in the midst of such a struggle. Thank you for these wise words.

    • Hi Christal, For me its a way to move forward in the Great Commandment to love God with my whole being. How do I love Him if I don’t know Him? By memorizing His Word I’m getting to know Him more day by day. If we want to know God then we have to be immersed in His Word because the Bible is the place where God chose to reveal Himself. Thanks for joining the conversation.