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I know few more powerful solutions to satisfying my spiritual needs of all the spiritual disciplines than memorizing God’s Word. For me, memorization of Scripture is not an end in itself but a means to a greater end; knowing and loving my Savior. It is a time for me to learn what is important to God and to set my mind on things above.

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home and came to believe in Jesus when I was 4 years old. I went to private Christian School where we were required to memorize 1 or 2 verses every week. Unfortunately, for all those years I memorized those Scriptures with no attempt to keep them in my brain past the Friday quiz.

However, I did have one Bible teacher in high-school who only required 12 verses each for the entire year. But the catch was, we had to retain them since we would be tested at any time on one or all of them. I thought, “piece of cake!” These 12 verses today are the only ones I remember best from all my school years.

I look at the ongoing need to review as a way to think through God’s word during of the various chapters of my life. At 18, I memorized my first chapter. It was so refreshing to learn how they fit into context that God intended them to be seen. I became hooked.

One of my female mentors and I started meeting monthly, and we memorized I Peter together. To this day, 22 years later, we still excitedly discuss what we are working on. I wish I could say that I have always consistently memorized and reviewed what I’ve memorized. Now as a Pastor’s wife, and mother, it is much harder to make time to review, but if I don’t, my day is so different.

Janet’s book encouraged me that I can review systematically, and as I tallied all that I’m reviewing, I’ve memorized, about 54 chapters, including 7 books. God used First Peter to strengthen me during a period of intense suffering. (I Pet. 4:19). Romans chapter eight gave me the hope and encouragement of the unfailing love of Christ. ( Rom. 8:35). The book of James gives me so much of what I need in the practical wisdom of daily life. (James 1:5).

I am pleased to let you know about some memorization tools which can add also add beauty to your environment. The main item is a memory mural which is repositionable and rewritable. To see my youtube video about it go to . My website is and has other decorative items to help with memory including a Memory Mural Window to help kids remember different passages. If you desire to be encouraged and want to be a part of a memorizing group, but can’t attend meetings in person; my facebook group may be a helpful alternative. Become my friend on Facebook : Heidi Danielle Bashoor and I will invite you to “It is written Memorizing Buddy Group”. We post videos, tips and share with each other goals and struggles in memorizing. If you are interested in seeing my Memorization Videos go to and look up Heidi Bashoor. or go paste: God will richly bless us as we cherish His Word.

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  • Heidi, loved your story, thank you for sharing with the community! I will be looking up the links and appreciate how you incorporate scripture into your daily environment. I only started this exciting journey of memorization a couple of years ago, (age 56) and wish I had been doing it as a young mom. God will of course redeem the time but it encourages my heart to know there are young women out there who are doing this and teaching it to their children. May the Lord bless you!

  • Vickie, What an encouragemencouragement it is to hear that you started a couple years ago and you’re still going! Hiding God’s Word in our heart is invaluable at any time. Blessings in all that you do. My father who’s 80 years old recently started earnestly memorizing scripture. He does it as a way to rest at night when he can’t sleep. God will bless you and your endeavors and restore your soul Psalm 19.

  • Lise Anderson Brocious

    Heidi,thanks so much for sharing and for the encouragement. I love your statement that memorizing helps you learn what is important to God! How true. It is through His priorities that our day is more peaceful and joyful. I love the story about the 12 verses in one year that you had to retain. That is a good lesson for us all.

  • Richie

    Wow, Heidi, what a great story of a lifetime of walking with Jesus and knowing his word! I can’t wait to see what the memory mural is all about. Don’t you love the way God gives us all these creative and practical tools to use in knowing him better?! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

  • Thank you Lise
    It is so much better to have God’s thoughts filling our mind than our own without his lifegiving truth!

  • Richie, God’s grace is so marvelous. There are times i can look back and say, Oh what if I had been more desparate for His word, but we can press on for the prize of Jesus no matter when or where we start. Christ never dissapoints. It is a blessing to use whatever means to help make memorizing always on the forefront of our minds;)

  • Christal

    Thanks for sharing, Heidi! ….I couldn’t get the link to work.

  • Christal

    Nevermind, I got it to work! And extra (.) in there, sorry!