Scripture Memory Groups

BMW Retreat 2015 G5
This photo was taken at our annual retreat for the Bible Memory Women, BMWs for short.

In 2009 our Scripture memory group began with three women committed to memorizing books and passages. We now have twelve, all ordinary women with everyday challenges. We meet the 2nd Monday of every month, from 11:00 – 12:00. We keep our focus in order to maximize our limited time. We greet one another, open in prayer, and then take turns reciting a chapter from what we’ve been memorizing.

Three benefits of the group: inspiration, accountability, and practical help.

Everyone is memorizing something different, and then we come together and listen to each other recite. It makes for a symphony-like experience as each passage harmonizes with the others. The reciter often shares some insight from what God is teaching her through this section of Scripture. Then we go on to the next person. Anyone is free to pass on the reciting part if she doesn’t feel ready on that particular day—there’s no pressure.

The deep fellowship of this group inspires everyone to greater depths of knowing and loving God. With transparency we share both the desire and the struggle to live what we are learning. During seasons of weariness, just hearing God’s Word recited brings water from the well.

Accountability gives teeth to our goals. Someone might say, “Next meeting, I’m going to have finished James chapter 2 and I will recite it for you.” This keeps them moving along with a target and a deadline.

A group provides the perfect place to ask for help and suggestions on verses that trip us up. With different learning styles, and slightly different methods, there’s many ways to accomplish the same goal of knowing God through memorizing his Word.

• Find one or two other people committed to memorizing books and passages.
• Begin to meet regularly (wkly or mthly) for accountability and encouragement.
• Take turns reciting what you’ve chosen to memorize.
• Over time tell others about the group and invite them to join you.

One idea is to invite over a few friends who love God’s Word and recite a passage for them that you’ve memorized. Tell how memorizing has benefitted you and ask if anyone would like to join you in a small group.

For your initial group meetings you can use HIS WORD IN MY HEART (2013 version), chapter 10, as a week-by-week guide. You’ll find an 8-week small group study guide in the appendix. With a new group, all of you may want to memorize the same thing initially. After that, it’s a good idea to let each person choose what they want to memorize, and let them go at their own pace.

Make reciting and sharing the primary emphasis of the group. Take turns saying out loud the verses you’ve been working on. It may feel awkward at first—in fact it probably will—but after a few times you’ll see the incredible fruit that comes from being vulnerable. It doesn’t matter if you have sweaty palms, or if you need to close your eyes or stare at the wall while reciting. It gets easier and more natural with time.

We’d love to hear insights from other Scripture memory groups. How is your group set up and how’s it working?

And one more thing, if you’d like to have a retreat for your group, I’d love to be a part of that too.

5 comments to Scripture Memory Groups

  • Lise Anderson Brocious

    Our memory group has been such an encouragement to me. When I get bogged down or discouraged, hearing members of the group recite Bible passages always points me back to Jesus and my desire to know Him better. I see ordinary (I hope no one is insulted) people doing extraordinary things because they love God and want to know Him and spend time with Him. I am so blessed to be around a group of people who love God so very much that they make learning Scripture a priority in their lives.

    • Hi Lise, It is actually a huge compliment to be seen as an ordinary person, because that means that anything extraordinary is attributed to Christ. For Christ to be seen in someone’s life is the greatest privilege there is. It’s a very liberating truth that God wants to take ordinary people and shine his light through them.

  • Vickie McKnight

    Sunday night starts off our 8 week “His Word In My Heart” Bible study at FBC in Proctorville, OH. I have lead and done several Bible studies but I’m more excited about this one than any before, because this one will last a lifetime. Praying the girls who signed up will be as excited as I am and ready to hide His Word in their hearts! And then after the 8 weeks, my prayer is that it becomes a small group that meets once a month to share and recite to one another as we lavish in God’s love for us through His Word!

    • Vickie, Your enthusiasm for God’s Word will be contagious. Praying right now for these ladies to devote themselves to memorizing God’s Word so that they will see the fruit of a closer walk with God, and joy that interrupts ordinary days!

  • Vickie McKnight

    Thanks so much Janet! “joy that interrupts ordinary days” Love that!! that’s exactly what happens when you memorize and meditate on His Word!