The Daddy-Daughter Connection


A college-age daughter leaves home for a year abroad. A few weeks before she leaves her father writes her a long letter. He expresses his love for her, his delight in her, and gives her advice for her time away from home. He warns her about the cruel world out there and ways to protect her mind and her heart. He calls her every week. During one of those phone calls, he suggests that she reread his letter for strength and guidance.

She said, “Dad, I memorized the letter.”

“What?” he asks, “It’s ten pages.”

“Yes, I know it is. When you first gave it to me, I read it and thought, ‘I love this, I need this, I value this. I don’t want to ever forget it. I want to carry it with me wherever I go.’ So I memorized it—every word.”

This meant so much to her father because he saw in it how much she loved him.

Then one day she told her roommate about the letter from her father, and how she had memorized it.

The friend responded, “Wow, that’s amazing! You’re such a great memorizer. That’s a gift.”

“No, wait, you’ve missed the point,” the daughter responded. “It’s not about memorizing. It’s about me and my father. This is how I stay close to him. I carry him with me wherever I go. I think his thoughts and stay connected to his heart. I may be here for a long time so I want to stay close with him, until I go home and see him face to face.”

This is MY story. No, not the college girl, but the point of the story. Sometimes I feel misunderstood when people try to turn my story into something about memorizing. I DON’T love to memorize. I love Jesus! I’m on a journey far away and I need love and affirmation. I need advice, and warnings, and protection. I need to know my Father’s plan for the world and how I fit into it. And I want to stay close to him, think his thoughts, and stay connected to his heart, until I can get home and see him face to face.

This story belongs to all the memorizers out there who feel misunderstood. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  • Lynette Nobles

    This is a great reminder as to why we should memorize God’s thoughts about us, about the world, about each other, etc. Haggai has been a challenge as there are many repeated phrases, some with a tiny bit of difference. Yesterday I noticed in chapter 2 “says the Lord…” alternates with “declares…” I hope this will help me as this repetition is what caused me to drag my feet learning chapter one. I am looking forward to the next “memory challenge” 1

  • Vickie McKnight

    Thank you for posting Janet…I know what you mean about people not understanding WHY we memorize! Love this story about the daughter being so in love with her father…Oh how I love my Heavenly Father and love how memorizing His Word keeps me in close relationship with Him and in His Word daily!

  • Richie

    Absolutely it’s one of my favorite blog posts, too! Re reading it again today refreshed my perspective. Thank you!

  • Barbara A.

    Oh, Janet! This speaks so clearly to my heart! Thank you for sharing this, since I missed it the first time around!

  • Chérie

    I noticed the repeated phrases in Haggai as well and this is how I coped.
    (I’m talking NIV84, but hopefully this helps)

    Repeated phrase #1-
    Vs 1-2
    The last word of vs 1 is PRIEST, which ends with a ‘t’. So the repeated phrase #1 in vs 2 starts with a ‘t’ this time.

    Vs 3-4
    The last word of vs 3 is RUIN, which ends with an ‘n’. So the repeated phrase #1 in vs 4 starts with an ‘n’…( NOW this is what the Lord……..)

    Vs 6-7
    Again a repeat of verses 1-2. Vs 6 ends with a ‘t’ (purse with holes in it). So verse 7 again starts with a ‘t’… (THIS is what the Lord……..)

    Repeated phrase #2a

    ‘Declares’ occurs only 2x. When the Lord asks, “why” and when he says, ” I am with you”…

    Repeated phrase #2b

    The Lord ‘Almighty’ occurs 5 times in vss: 2,5,7,9,14

    Hope this helps anyone working on Haggai 1.

  • Tracy

    Thank you for posting this and changing my heart about memorizing scripture through your book. I just finished it and have memorized Psalm 1, Psalm 46, and am working through Titus. This is a huge accomplishment for me. I truly want this to be a new chapter in my life that lasts for the rest of my life!

    • Hi Tracy, So glad to hear your story. Keep pressing on. It’s gets sweeter and deeper and you will be like a thriving tree.

  • Shari Blodgett

    I LOVE this! Thanks for posting it.

  • Love this post. It really helps me to have you say that you don’t love to memorize, I’m with you on that, and I love Jesus and having His Word in my heart and on my mind. It’s not about the memorizing, it’s about treasuring Him.

  • Amy Calvetti

    Thank you for sharing this post. It brought a tear to my eye since I lost my dad to cancer 8 years ago. I have a binder of e-mails I saved from him. He was a man of few words, and they are special to me. I know God’s Word is just as special. It has guided me through my life especially these years since my dad has been gone. I praise God for his promise we’ll be together again. When I take time for the Lord he speaks to me through his Word. I’ve been reviewing James 1. It has been a good reminder that this trial I’m going through will pass.